Wicked Wednesday 18th November 12

Happy Wednesday people!

And as it’s Wednesday that can only mean one thing! Its Wicked Wednesday time! Hosted by the lovely Em at Brummy Mummy of 2. A fab linky where we share some of the parenting fails we all can relate to!

This week it’s Kinley’s turn!

Last week my dad came down to visit for my 30th birthday! His girlfriend bought me a chocolate orange just because, so it went in the cupboard away from the monkey’s!

On Saturday morning I found the box torn open and the chocolate missing! Confused as no child had smeared chocolate anywhere, but just figured it didn’t last long enough to start melting.

That was until a bit later when this came crawling into the kitchen…

Wicked Wednesday

Turns out Hayden couldn’t understand how to break the chocolate orange so put it under the toy box instead. Kinley has eyes like a hawk and clearly this caught his attention!

Serves me right for not eating it sooner I suppose.

See you next week for more monkey mayhem!



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