The day Hayden took part in Sports Day 10

Whenever a school event comes up, I very often have little expectation on how much Hayden will get involved. Not in a bad way. It is something I started doing after feeling upset every time he struggled to take part in any activity. It is hard to see your child’s […]

Autism & Siblings

Autism & Siblings 14

Once Autism is part of your life, it isn’t long before your attention turns to their siblings. For many reasons: How will they be affected? Will their lives suffer as a consequence of the changes and adjustments you have to make for your child on the spectrum? And with my […]

Before he had Autism… 131

For some parents they notice developmental differences in their children from a very early age, for others it is a long time before certain behaviours start to become obvious, some even reach adulthood before they question particular traits. If you’ve read Hayden’s Story, you will know Hayden followed a very neuro-typical […]

Before he had autism...

Your Autism at age 5 5

There are a few reasons why I started writing about Autism, and those reasons have changed over time. At first I just wanted to share my story. I couldn’t find much online when I looked, so wanted to share what the diagnosis journey was really like. I quickly found that […]

Age appropriate. What does that even mean? 19

There has been a huge hype in recent months about gender stereotyping toys. And whilst I think there is an element of natural human instinct when it comes to what our children choose to play with, I would never discourage my children wanting to play with something ‘intended’ for girls. […]

age appropriate

watching them grow

Watching them grow before my very eyes 19

Sometimes, being a mum you can get bogged down with daily routines, tears, tantrums and all the negative bits of parenting, you forget to just take time to watch them grow. I have been guilty of counting down the hours to bedtime, wishing away the tantrum years, wanting the days to […]

My top 5 apps for pre schoolers 16

I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago explaining why I refused to limit my sons screen time (read it here). The response was amazing. Everyone that commented, thank you so much! I was so surprised to see how many people agreed with me either completely or partly. A […]

Why I’m not going to limit screen time 31

This year for Ellis’ birthday, we bought him a tablet. I never thought I would be that parent. I used to get quietly angry seeing young children attached to their parents tablets for hours on end. Seeing children watching Mickey Mouse in a restaurant made me secretly judge that parent. […]

The Pressure For Speech 15

  Yesterday Ellis started nursery. For one day a week. For 6 weeks. What’s the point I hear you ask? Ellis starts pre-school in September. As his birthday is late August he will be one of the youngest in the year. And whilst I must remember he isn’t even three yet, […]