Being a Mummy: Happy Mother’s Day 2

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a mummy. To have my own children was, for me a huge ambition in life. I am incredibly lucky in the fact I never had any problems or issues surrounding pregnancy. I haven’t had to go through the […]

Being a mummy

How can you swear at your children? 25

I generally try not to judge other parents. Something I have been more mindful of since having an autistic son. I have no idea what people are dealing with in their lives, so when I see a child having a serious tantrum in a supermarket, I’m not quick to blame […]

Age appropriate. What does that even mean? 19

There has been a huge hype in recent months about gender stereotyping toys. And whilst I think there is an element of natural human instinct when it comes to what our children choose to play with, I would never discourage my children wanting to play with something ‘intended’ for girls. […]

age appropriate

watching them grow

Watching them grow before my very eyes 19

Sometimes, being a mum you can get bogged down with daily routines, tears, tantrums and all the negative bits of parenting, you forget to just take time to watch them grow. I have been guilty¬†of counting down the hours to bedtime, wishing away the tantrum years, wanting the days to […]

A ‘fun’ family day at Colchester Zoo 6

As the summer holiday’s draw to a close, we knew we wanted to have a day out as a family on one of Daddy’s days off. With Ellis’ new found obsession with Lion King and lover of all things ‘animal’ we thought the zoo would be a good choice. We […]

Chillin Meerkat

Would understanding learning styles help you teach your children? 15

Back in the days when I was building my career I went to many courses that gave me all the tools and knowledge I needed in how to train a team of people. Working as a manager for a branded pub/restaurant you constantly have to train, retrain and refresh your […]

School Gate etiquette 5

As parents we spend a lot of time at the school gate. We are there twice (if not more times) a day, 5 days a week, 30 odd weeks a year, for the best part of 15 years. There are certain behaviours we expect from our children whilst they attend […]

school gate etiquette

mickey mouse a good influence

Why I am scared for my boys future 2

The world is such a different place to the one I grew up in, not so safe and certainly not as respectful. I was brought up to have manners, respect others and to be kind. I was punished when I was bad without there being any questions to the methods […]