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As I was on the school run last week, wanting to pull my hair out. Not sure whether to wait for my wailing snail behind me or catch up with the three year old version of Usain Bolt. Or whether it was worth strapping my wriggly toddler back into the pushchair for the 300th time on a twenty minute round trip. I decided the school run is definitely the most stressful part of my day. Every time, I get home flustered, harassed and a little bit greyer. Whilst parenting is pretty awesome, the stressful parts of parenting really do take it out of you sometimes. I couldn’t be alone in this surely?

stressful parts of parenting

Stressful parts of parenting

I took to the blogging community to find out what part of the day they find the most stressful. Here is what they had to say!

The morning

Claire from Six degree’s of harmony says:

Leaving in the morning. I have so much guilt that I can’t give my little one the time I gave my older children…

Jo from My monkey’s don’t sit still says:

I find the school mornings most difficult as I feel I end up nagging the boys to get dressed, clean their teeth etc etc each morning and it just feels stressful and full on from 7am when we come downstairs until 8.30am when we leave the house! I have to leave the house tidy too! (That’s me downfall!)

Jada from Unique Young Mum says:

The morning for me, trying to feed and please a child, a dog and a man at the same time! Three different drinks, three different breakfasts, I’ll have no breakfast and a leftover drink from one of the humans usually.

Making lunches, then it’s the ironing of outfits, cleaning the child and me, lint rolling us all because we’re covered in dog hair and lots more! Oh and it takes me about 10 minutes to get the dog back inside as he doesn’t want to come back inside the house, he’s been inside all night why would he want to leave the garden to come back in!?

I could make it less stressful by ironing at night/making lunches, but I just can’t face it when I’m knackered – because I am everyday! Then we’re just about to leave to walk the 20 minutes to school when my belly starts to play up – the joys of living with IBS! The attendance officer was always moaning about us being late in the morning!

After school

Tanya from Cracked Nails and Split Ends says:

After school, that couple of hours between getting home, and dinner time they can be very demanding, they want to eat, eat, and eat

Emma from The Mini Me’s and Me says:

For me it’s around 3.30pm when both children are home from school, neither want to get dressed, empty lunch boxes and do homework yet both want snacks and to take control of the TV!

Sarah from Each Peach Pear Plum says:

For me it the dreaded ‘playdate’ after school. Although the the kids love it I think ‘oh god’ I find it super stressful. I know when I get home around 5.30-6pm I still have got to complete everything I would in an hour before 7pm bedtime for the little one. Lunch boxes, uniform, reading, homework, meal for hubby, bath time. Overwhelming if how I find it, even when I try to organise myself before the play date I still find it hard work

stressful parts of parenting

The evening

Vicky from Being Tilly’s Mummy says:

The evenings when I get home from work at 7pm an I have to cook dinner, put a wash on and see to a demanding 6 year old.

Kate from My Family Fever says:

The hours between dinner and bed when everyone is tired and you have to try and fit in homework, baths, reading and pyjamas

Sarah from Boo Roo & Tigger Too says:

The bewitching hour in our house is 5.30 to 6.30. It’s that time between having tea and starting the bedtime chores. They are tired (not that they will admit it), they don’t know what to do with themselves (although they have so much they could be doing) and they just plain irritable

Maria from Suburban Mum says:

Mine is when I get in from work and have to squeeze in dropping MIL to the station, homework/reading, bath and bed.

Although on the days I do the school run I find getting out the door on the morning pretty stressful too!!

Emma from Life according to Mrs Shilts says:

Mines 6:30-7:30pm. I work between 8am-4pm, pick my three year old up at 4:30pm and then get attitude and grumps from a tired little boy who needs his bed. Catch 22 as I’m desperate to see him and spend time with him but the grumpiness and whinging

Jess from Babi A Fi says:

Early evening – it’s always a stress getting in from work and getting back out in time for evening meetings (e.g. school governors, community / political party stuff). Or, worse, getting the baby (and the big baby!) ready to go with me. I’m always running late and trying to get the pushchair up a hill, speak to a colleague on the phone, pray to whoever’s listening that my make up isn’t sweat streaking down my face… By the time we get there I just want a lie down!

Trying to clean

Jessica from The beauties and the Bibs says:

Every time you pick up a cloth Ava decides to cry ! . This is the most stressful part of my day as I try to do something each day

stressful parts of parenting

Trying to get out the door

Kate from The Less-Refined Mind says:

Pixie wants constant attention when I’m trying to get ready. Which basically means an hour of attempting to have a wash/get dressed/make myself presentable whilst simultaneously being used as a human climbing frame. When it’s her turn to get dressed she invariably decides she’d quite like to be naked all day long, and becomes like a slippery bar of soap. Gahhhhh!

Preparing dinner

Laura from Dear Bear and Beany says:

preparing and cooking dinner while entertaining a 3 year old and 22 month old.

Louise from A Strong Coffee says:

They are always hungry and I never seem to make it at the right time! Too early and they don’t want it as they have just had a snack. Too late and they are fighting as they are “hangry”

stressful parts of parenting

Just before nap time

Ayse from Arepops says:

Just before nap time. The refusal to go to sleep but knowing they’re shattered and acting out… that’s the worst part for me.


Natalie from The Waitress, The chef & our brood says:

Mine is a toss up between the school run or bed time. Both my girls play up for a good hour after going to bed.

Laura from The Unsung Mum says:

Mine are one and three, and while the one year old goes to sleep like a dream she still wants me to sit in her room with her while the three year old shouts “mummy are you there?” every minute or two….so no one goes to sleep till about 9/10pm!!

Bath time

Frances from Whinge Whinge Wine says:

Bath time. Always bath time. -Frances Mr Sons, Sand & Sauvignon completely agrees with you on this one!

And Jenni from Chilling with Lucas adds:

Leaving him at the childminders


Thank you all for sharing your thoughts. My conclusion? We are not alone! We all find particular parts of our day difficult and stressful. It is just another part of parenting.

What is the most stressful part of your day?


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