Starting school with Maped Helix – A Review 2

So we have reached the half way point of the summer holidays, and I’m not ashamed to admit, September can’t come quick enough. It has been a really challenging few weeks, with boredom levels increasing and my bank of activities running out. Things are beginning to get a little stressful. But more on that another day! Other than being excited for September, I am also a little nervous. Ellis will be starting school and I actually can’t believe how quickly it has come around.

starting school with maped helix

Starting school with Maped Helix

Whilst Ellis won’t need much in way of stationery equipment, I had to jump at the chance when Maped Helix got in touch about their new range. Ellis has never been an arts and crafts kind of person, so preparing him for an increase in stationery use is always helpful. It definitely hasn’t got anything to do with the fact I am a stationery freak at all!

Helix, well known for their famous Oxford range, particularly the Oxford Maths Set, have created a range called the Maped Helix range which is the fun and funky side of the brand. Their products are all brightly coloured and fun. Appealing to the younger stationery lovers out there.

Maped Helix were kind enough to send us a few items from their range to try out. And we love them!

As I said above, Ellis, along with all of my children have never really been into arts and crafts. They are very boisterous children who need to let off steam rather than sit with colouring pens and play doh. As soon as Ellis saw the colouring pens though, he wanted to do some ‘colouring’. He took great pleasure in drawing on Kinley’s cupboards. Now do you see why my children aren’t into arts & crafts?! It always ends in disaster!

starting school with maped helix

As part of the package we were sent, we were given a rubber grip ruler which is perfect for younger children, although it has now become a sensory toy for Hayden. He loves the rubber features and the textures have had him entertained for hours.

starting school wiht Maped Helix

Whilst our review session wasn’t a total success, this has nothing to do with the products from Maped Helix and more to do with my crazy children!

The kids are crazy but the products are awesome!

The products in this range really are fab. They are bright, colourful and useful. My teenage self would have had the whole range, I’m sure! The products have the high quality look and feel you can expert from Helix and I will be keeping these products safely in my stationery box to use as and when they are needed.

One of their products I absolutely love is their Jumbo Pencils. As part of Hayden’s autism, he finds pen grip incredibly difficult. So these jumbo pencils may really help his progression. He won’t sit down to draw or write at home, so I will be sending these pencils to school with him in September to see if his 1:1 can have a little more success with them.

jumbo pencils perfect for autistic children

If you are looking for a stationery range for your children that will have them top of the class, I cannot recommend the Maped Helix range enough!

You can buy the range in most stationery supplies stores and supermarkets, I have even seen their range in B&M so are completely affordable!

starting school with maped helix

We were sent a selection of items for the purpose of this review, but all opinions, images and disasters are all my own!

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