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Last week saw Ellis have his first settling in session in reception. Reception!!! My little boy, not even 4, is going to be starting reception. As the head teacher read out the names of each class it was a bittersweet moment. He had some of his little friends in the same class, but their nursery group had been split across the four reception classes. The opportunity to make new friends is exciting for Ellis but it is a little sad at the same time. (probably more so for us parents)

Starting reception

Starting Reception

Ellis will not turn 4 until 11 days before he has his first day at ‘big’ school. He is the youngest in the year. But he is ready. The progress in his speech, social and self care development has surpassed anything I could have dreamedĀ of in the past year. We still have a full summer to work on some of the areas that are still slightly behind in preparation. Such as getting himself dressed andĀ not needing an audience of congratulation at every toilet activity. We will work a bit further on his pencil grip and his basic writing skills. Of course his speech is a continued progression, but I couldn’t be happier with the progress so far.

Reception will be that final transition that makes my little boy into a big boy. I am expecting a year of non stop social occasions, new after school and weekend clubs and a boy that knows what he wants to be doing with his spare time.

Missing old friends

Ellis has been going to the nursery part of the same school for the previous year, and they have done an amazing job at helping us push Ellis to reach his potential. His teachers have supported the nightmare that is potty training and helped my little boy become so much more independent. One of the best things to come out of his year in nursery though is the little friendships he has made.

I’m not sure whether it is just different because Ellis is much more social than Hayden, but the class seems a lot smaller than the previous year and the chatter at the school gates is much more present. The relationship between the whole nursery class is close.

Ellis has a list of about 7 friends he mentions every single day. At the weekends he asks if he can see his friends, and every morning he tells us who he is looking forward to seeing that day. The same list of 7. The mums seem a lot more friendly too. I talk to many more of these mums than Hayden’s year.

Starting reception and leaving old friends

Making new friends

We always knew that the nursery group would be split. It wouldn’t be fair on children that haven’t attended the nursery to have one group of close knit friends in each class. However that didn’t stop a few of us passing glances across the school hall when we saw the names come up. There were some little friendships that had been split, but there were also 2 or 3 together in the new class.

The school did the right thing of course, but it didn’t make it easier for us parents. The little ones however I’m sure couldn’t care less. The excitement of the afternoon and all the new faces would have been both overwhelming and a lot to take in.

Whilst it is sad that Ellis and his little friends have all been split into smaller groups, Ellis is very confident socially. He will talk to anyone and will accept new people into his life easily. His school report and parent’s evening suggested that he is a very popular member of the class, and I have no doubt making new friends will come naturally to him.

I look forward to hearing a new list of names every morning. Hopefully whilst he is getting himself dressed!

Starting reception

Is your little one starting reception this year? Do you think they are ready? Are you ready?

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3 thoughts on “Starting Reception & Leaving old friends

  • Clare

    I can totally sympathise with this. At Conway’s school they mix the classes every year, so not only does Conwsy have a new teacher, they also have a different class. He is with some of his friends, but has been split from his best friends! The night they had found out their new classes he said to me “mummy, it’s a little bit upsetting that I won’t be in James’ class”. Broke my heart! Explained they will still have play times together, and as James lives in our road that they can play together after school! Good luck to Ellis in reception, I’m sure he will love it xxx

  • Kim Carberry

    Aww! It is such a big moment….It sounds like your boy is ready for Reception class. Wishing you the best of luck in your new adventure. It seems a million years ago since my girls were in reception class. hehehe x