Spectrum Sunday #24

Happy Sunday all and welcome to Spectrum Sunday #24. The place to link up all of your ASD related blog posts.

Thank you to everyone that joined me last week! There were so many posts on PDA, naturally with PDA awareness day being last Monday. Thank you for educating me more on the subject! I have been looking into the PDA society website as a lot of your explanations were very much describing many things I experience with Hayden, but after more research I’m not too sure that is the case after all.

All of your posts have been pinned onto my Spectrum Sunday board on Pinterest. And several posts are scheduled on my facebook page for the week ahead!

Spectrum Sunday #24

This week I am linking up a post that is only loosely connected to Autism. With the launch of my online shop I have been manic preparing for that. There is still so much to do too! Lowering the expectation is about us maybe expecting less from Hayden and the other little monkey’s, maybe that way we can actually enjoy some of our family days out. We ended up having a nice day after my strop. You can read it here if you wish.

Spectrum Sunday #24


I hope you all have a fantastic week! As always I cannot wait to read your posts!


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