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July the 1st! Wow is all I can say! The halfway point of the year is here! And before long we will be talking back to school, Halloween & Christmas! Let’s hope this next few weeks is full of sunshine before we start looking forward to the Autumn again. Each month I like to look back on the previous month. How we have got on as a family, and some the achievements we have made. Here is my June round up!

June has been a great month overall, but it has had a bit of a black cloud over it. Unfortunately my poor husband found himself without a job in June. The last few weeks have been spent filling in applications, polishing up CV’s and job interviews. Fingers crossed we get some positive news soon on that front. Other than that though, there are lots of good points to shout about.

Hello July! My June round up

My June Round up


  • I attended BML16 and had a blast!
  • I got my haircut finally!!! I found a reasonably priced hairdressers around the corner and they did a fab job!
  • I decided to publish my wedding products on Etsy after all. Purely to increase the exposure. It worked! I got my first sale last week!
  • Whilst James being home is because of what has happened, it has been great sharing the responsibility of the children all day everyday. I feel like a new woman ha!
  • I have been working on something very exciting (for me anyway) I might reveal a little more below in the blog section, but it will be announced on the blog soon!

The Boys

  • Ellis received his first pre school report. I could have burst with pride. A year ago we questioned his development ALOT! He was clearly just a slow starter! He is really excelling now!
  • We also received Hayden’s first school report… A few things we really don’t agree with, and totally different feelings experienced with his. Not because he is behind or anything. It just highlights a few things.
  • Ellis is now dry most of the time! Yay! Once again, we just had to wait for him to be ready.
  • Kinley’s personality is really shining through now. Cheeky monkey is an understatement.
  • All three boys are LOVING having Daddy around all the time.
  • Hayden was observed by a specialist teacher. She has given the school some great advice!
  • We were also approved to have Hayden assessed for an EHCP which will see lots more support and help for both us and the school.

The Blog

  • My page views took a little dip this month. I did have over a week with nothing posted though, so fully expected it. It didn’t dip too low, so I am happy that is can be recovered easily.
  • All of my social media platforms grew this month. Instagram seeing the biggest growth! I am really starting to love that platform.
  • As I mentioned above, I attempted to expand the exposure for my online shop and put many of my items onto Etsy and had my 1st sale! 🙂
  • I have been working on something new recently which will see quite a big change on the blog. If you follow my blog for the wedding content you will want you keep and eye out for my announcement next week!
  • Due to the above project it will mean a little freshen up of my branding. Watch this space!
  • I published my first recipe post! Check out my Chilli recipe here!

Junes Popular Posts

June round up

June round up

June round up

June round up

July To Do’s

  • Keep working on those page views!
  • Keep working on the above mentioned projects and spill the secret!
  • Continue working on another project in the pipeline which is VERY exciting!
  • Finish off my home office space
  • As we didn’t get a BBQ in June, we MUST have our first one of 2016 in July-we just need to get it back of the neighbours!
  • Once James is working again I need to concentrate on vlogging again.
  • Carry on planning the boys joint birthday party so I can get invites out before the end of term.

We have had some tough parts of June with James and his job. Hopefully July is full of successful job interviews, and we can look forward to a more comfortable lifestyle! And maybe even getting a holiday booked for August!

How was your June?

Hope you have a fantastic July! Lets do some sun dances 🙂

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