Autism & Siblings 14

Once Autism is part of your life, it isn’t long before your attention turns to their siblings. For many reasons: How will they be affected? Will their lives suffer as a consequence of the changes and adjustments you have to make for your child on the spectrum? And with my […]

Autism & Siblings

1 step forward. 2 steps back 23

One of the wonderful but equally frustrating parts I find about Autism is how it is full of surprises. Good ones and bad ones. For example when you think you are on a roll with a calm, settled little boy with minimal meltdowns and progression in speech, everything just flips […]

Before he had Autism… 131

For some parents they notice developmental differences in their children from a very early age, for others it is a long time before certain behaviours start to become obvious, some even reach adulthood before they question particular traits. If you’ve read Hayden’s Story, you will know Hayden followed a very neuro-typical […]

Before he had autism...

Spectrum Sunday #16

Spectrum Sunday #16

Welcome to Spectrum Sunday #16. The place to link up your ASD related blog posts. Firstly, apologies that we are a day late this week. I ran out of time on Saturday to schedule it in ready for Sunday morning as I had a rare child free night out with […]

Did I choose the right school? 24

“One other thing I want to touch on during our meeting today is, have you ever considered any specialised schools for Hayden?” I have been asked this question before by different professionals in the school setting, but more as a side comment. Before we actually ever had any evidence on whether main […]

selfish for wanting my son in mainstream school?

Your Autism at age 5 5

There are a few reasons why I started writing about Autism, and those reasons have changed over time. At first I just wanted to share my story. I couldn’t find much online when I looked, so wanted to share what the diagnosis journey was really like. I quickly found that […]

The Ordinary Moments #4. Bubbles 5

After a few weeks of illness and just generally being ridiculously behind with all things blogging, I haven’t managed to link up to the Ordinary Moments with the lovely Katie from Mummy Daddy Me. So thought I better get my act together this week! Yesterday I took the boys shopping. Ellis […]


An open letter to Mrs K 4

Dear Mrs K So, as of Monday you take over being Hayden’s full time 1:1 at school. I am excited to get to know you and look forward to seeing what differences you can make to Hayden’s life. I’m not going to lie, the pressure is huge. You have big […]

Hayden’s 1:1 is leaving. 9

This morning at 7:29 exactly, I got a text. A text that made me sob my heart out. Uncontrollable crying. Even just writing that sentence, my eyes are filling up again. It was A, Hayden’s 1:1 at school, telling me she had been offered a new job recently, and after a […]

Hayden's 1:1 is leaving

Dear Little Boy on the School Run 29

Dear Little Boy on the School Run, I thought you were really sweet today as we walked home from school. You were behind for a while and then you overtook and was ahead of us. The entire time you were calling out Hayden’s name, trying to get his attention. Wanting […]

How we potty trained our autistic son 11

Back in the summer I wrote a post about potty training an autistic child. We were a couple of weeks in and I was already pulling my hair out. It was hard, real hard! I was going to write an update a little while into it, but not much had […]

how we potty trained our autistic son

Has Autism turned me into a lazy parent? 12

Parenting autism is challenging. Some days, it can be incredibly tough to complete the most simple tasks, such as getting dressed, leaving the house or eating a meal, and don’t even get me started on the bedtime routine. Having a child with autism also means that I can’t necessarily be the parent […]