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Welcome to this week’s Budget Beautiful inspiration post!

This is where I take the theme from the wedding I shared with you earlier in the week and give you some shots of inspiration, so you can achieve a similar look for a similar kind of budget!




This week I brought you the lovely Tori and her very interesting and gorgeous Pagan Handfasting. A very different kind of wedding to what we are used to seeing. It was lovely sharing something a little bit different. Thank you Tori!

I thought this week I would look into the different ceremonies available to you.

So why have an alternative ceremony?

For some people, a church ceremony is too religious but yet a civil ceremony doesn’t represent any of their beliefs. Some may choose to have a different kind of ceremony, where their spiritualism and faith can be represented in the way they would like.

Humanist Ceremony

A Humanist wedding can allow the freedom some brides are so desperate for. You can incorporate Pagan or Buddhist roots or go for something completely individual. However a humanist wedding is not legally bound so you will still need to sign a marriage register so ensure your marriage is legal.

The benefit of not having any legal formalities to the ceremony is it allows you to do it how you like and where you like. You could get married in a forest or on a beach. You can make references to any faith or religion you may have. And you can exchange vows and rings in any way you please. There are no rules. A humanist celebrant can watch over the ceremony or if you wanted to, a friend or relative could do this for you. It allows for a much more relaxed and flexible ceremony. Perfect if you want a very intimate, informal affair.

Alternative Ceremony

Pagan Ceremony

Known as a Handfasting, a Pagan wedding, will see the couple tie their right hands together to symbolise their togetherness. A Pagan ceremony is usually performed outside and begins by marking out a sacred space in the shape of a circle.

A couple will swear oaths to each other that have been decided before the ceremony. Each couple will vow to love, honour, respect and protect each other alongside things they have chosen themselves. Creating a very personal ceremony, and one that is completely individual to each couple.


Pagan Handfasting

Buddhist Ceremony

The Buddha (founder of the Buddhist religion) did not consider marriage to be a sacred ceremony. Marriage in the Buddhist faith is considered a social rather than religious ceremony. This means there is no set format to the ceremony itself.

A Buddhist can marry anyone from any religion or background, and their union should be a blend of differing from strengths from each person.

The ceremony will take place in either a register office or a Buddhist temple that is licensed to conduct weddings. There are very few around.

A Buddhist ceremony is actually very relaxed with regards to its rules. You can marry at any time, you do not have to give notice of marriage and your vows can be your own. Many of the traditions you see over the media are a countries customs rather than the Buddhist faith itself.

Buddhist wedding ceremony

Tori, thank you once again for letting me share your day! My eyes have certainly been opened a little whilst doing research for this post!

Have you had an alternative ceremony? I would love to see it!, please come share them with me on my Facebook page!

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See you next week for A Vintage Fairtytale

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