BML16: New friends, fire alarms & a hangover 12

Well BML16 is now well and truly over, and I have just about recovered from what was an epic weekend!

I had been looking forward to this weekend since I made the decision to attend after feeling completely out of the loop last year. As I was very new on the scene last year I didn’t feel ready to catapult myself into a situation that left me feeling like a nobody amongst so many people I admired.

For anyone that doesn’t know what BML16 is, it is the largest blogging conference in the UK, and is a huge occasion for the blogging community. They changed up the format this year, so what used to be an almost 2 day event was squeezed into one long day and a fringe party in Camden (my most favourite place in London!) the evening before. Something I had no problem with, however many seasoned bloggers much preferred the 2 day format.




In true Clare style, this year I started my Britmums adventure indulging in way too much wine, but that also meant I had bundles of confidence to talk to anyone and everyone. Meeting people was definitely my highlight of the weekend. Friday was a very late night and definitely a lesson learned in what not to do at future events. My hangover on Saturday kicked in at about midday, and meant I had to sneak out for a little lie down in the afternoon!

I would love to be able to sit and write about the amazing things I learnt. About all the things I took away that will make my blog so much bigger and better, but for me, that is not what I came away with. The conference itself was brilliant, and the speakers I did actually hear were incredibly inspiring, but the one thing I will remember about this weekend is the friendships that were created.

Blogging is a labour of love, and much of your life is spent on social media. Other bloggers become your cheerleaders, your supporters, your advisors and more importantly your friends. As these friendships grow, the desire to meet and solidify those friendships further increase. Last weekend was a chance to meet people I have spoke to almost daily for the past year, and some great new friendships were formed too!

New friends

I met so many new people. It is so true when they say the blogging community are so friendly. Everyone was happy to chat away whether they knew your blog or not.


(From the top, some lovely bloggers chatting at the fringe party. Me and the lovely Becky. Me and Stevie {thanks for letting me steal your photo lovely}. Me & the very sweet Ami. Gorgeous Camden. And a shameful toilet selfie)

By the end of the day I was exhausted. I decided to head back to the hotel to drop off my stuff and charge my phone up a bit before meeting for drinks later. That plan didn’t happen, I was so shattered I ended up chilling in my room. I am so glad I did as we ended up having a 5am fire alarm wake up call! There must have been 1000 people stood on the streets of London in their pyjamas. Not exactly fun!

I would love mention everyone I had the pleasure of chatting with, but I would be here all day. But for those of you that I did meet. Thank you for being so friendly and welcoming from the girls meeting for food on the Friday night to the people I got chatting to outside the hotel Sunday morning. You were all fab! And a huge thank you to the lovely Steph for sharing with me on Friday!

I will definitely be attending again next year, and have already booked my ticket for Blog On in September. Looking forward to a couple of nights in Manchester!

Thank you BML16, you were amazing!



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