Wicked Wednesday 6th January 16

Well it’s time for the first Wicked Wednesday post of 2016! Linking up with the lovely Em from Brummy Mummy of 2.

On Sunday i decided it was time to take the decorations down! I usually do it on New Years Day, but just didn’t have the motivation to get on with it! Whilst taking the decorations down I thought I should really get the ‘back room’ back into some sort of order. I really want to encourage imaginative play with the boys so wanted to have some of their toys out and set up rather than shoved in a box every night.

After about an hour of ‘project sort’ I really couldn’t understand why I had come up with this ridiculous idea! This is what the back room looked like…

Wicked Wednesday 06.01

6 hours later, it finally looked like this! Yes. 6 BLOODY HOURS! (Yes…Wine was essential!!!)

Wicked Wednesday

Whilst I write this post…this is what it looks like now (it was spotless this morning!)

Wicked wednesday

And by the sounds of it, it’s getting worse!

See you next week for more mummy mayhem!


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