Wicked Wednesday 20th January 8

Hello! How has a week a passed already?

It’s Wednesday which means it is only time for one thing! Wicked Wednesday! Linking up with the gorgeous and so not horrid Em from brummy mummy of 2! ( If you don’t know what I mean you need to check out this post which saw Emma get a whole load of ridiculous grief! I never liked Trolls anyway!)

Anyway back to this week….

We are back to having fun with Ellis! You know my gorgeous front room that is adult only? Well this week I found a three year old in there. Not just in there but climbing on the fireplace! I only realised he was in there because he was yelling “HELP!” I was very tempted to leave him there, until I realised that would mean leaving him in the adult room! You also may have to excuse the pink tinted pj’s…the were a result of a red scarf that daddy decided to chuck in the wash…It’s ok, I refuse to throw away his now pink boxer shorts!

Wicked Wednesday

See you next week for more SSS household craziness!


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