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I used to be rubbish at taking photographs. Many milestones and occasions were left without personal photographic memories. I used to embrace the moment and forget all about documenting it, let alone posting it to social media. Since I started blogging though, if anything happens, good or bad, the first thing I tend to do is reach for my phone, and take a photo.

Ellis hanging off the bannister? Perfect Wicked Wednesday footage.

Kinley laughing at something random? Perfect Facebook status update material.

Hayden eating dirt? Perfect Spectrum Sunday image.

It’s just what comes natural to me now. And in some ways it has also helped my patience. When I used to immediately get cross with something, I now find myself laughing, and screaming “wait I need a photo of that!” Or we could be having a lovely day out, and I’m inspired to write about it, so I want to capture as many images as possible to make it an interesting blog post with plenty of great (mediocre) photography.

Obviously, that has it’s downsides too, mummy can get a little too obsessed with the phone, so the moment isn’t embraced as much as it may have been previously.

Take a photo


Tomorrow is Ellis’ first Christmas concert, and the school have prohibited taking photographs. Something, I’m not really too happy about!

Let me make it clear, this isn’t a post against this particular schools policy, I know many other schools have the exact same rule. This is me frustrated that we now live in a world where you cannot take a photograph of your own child in a Christmas concert, their first Christmas concert, in case you catch half of another child’s face. Has nobody ever heard of cropping images?

We had Hayden’s concert last year, and whilst it was lovely and I got incredibly choked up, he didn’t really participate very much. Not getting lots of images to share online, or even not share, wasn’t really a big deal. It was a personal moment that filled James and I with pride. Not getting photo’s of our little boy, well, not doing very much wasn’t really a problem.

This year, however, is different. Ellis loves attention, loves to be in the spotlight, and loves to be heard. Tomorrow is going to be a different kind of pride. It is going to be emotional, entertaining and I imagine, knowing Ellis, incredibly funny. I want to document that! I want to have more than a memory in my mind of that moment. I want to share it with family, I want to share it with friends. I want to embarrass him in front of future partners by sharing that cute little moment he had all the other mum’s and dad’s laughing. He is my child and I can choose whether i ‘expose’ him on Facebook or Twitter. Nobody else can make that decision for me.

I am intelligent enough to realise not every parent feels this way, and if I had an image that had any other children in it, I fully understand that photo should stay in my personal hands, not published across social media. Is that not just general common sense?

As a child I performed in every single concert, play and performance that were put on by the school, each and every time the audience was a sea of red dots from handheld video camera’s. Parents filming me and my friends put on a show. Why? Because they were recording memories, they wanted to document a moment in their child’s life that made them beam with pride.

By all means request I do not upload any photographs containing other children to the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, even my blog. Telling me whether I can or cannot take a photograph of my own child on the other hand…

…Surely that’s my decision?


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10 thoughts on “But I want to take a photo!

  • A Moment with Franca

    I had this issue with Bella’s nursery so we couldn’t get any photos to share with my family which is a big shame as my parents are far away and they miss so many milestones of my girls. However last year, Bella started in a private school and they don’t have a policy about no taking photos of your children or even the rest of the children. So we can all arrive with our cameras and take lots of photos, film every single carol, show etc which is great!! I love it! I have published photos of Bella with her friends in my personal fb but not for blogging though because I still think that I should respect other parents. I understand that schools and nurseries want to protect the children but maybe as you said they have gone too far as we as parents would like at least a photo of just your child. 🙂 x

    • Sons, Sand & Sauvignon Post author

      My family aren’t quite as far away as yours but they are too far to be able to come and watch, saying that we were only allowed 2 adults per child anyway! I wish I could film it! Hopefully once they are in junior school and the plays are a bit more about parts etc we will be able to capture it then! xx

  • Gemma @ Confessions of a Nagging Mother

    My children has there carol concert yesterday and it was stated before it began that no photos were allowed for ther same reason. However, two years ago people could take lots of photos. I understand that people dont want other people putting pictures of their children onto social media but I don’t know if I agree with the no photos at all thing. It’s all gone a bit far imo!

    Gemma xx

    • Sons, Sand & Sauvignon Post author

      It has! Personally I think all schools should get you to sign a disclaimer to say you won’t post any pictures of other children onto social media. Even, any pictures if they feel that will be a better rule…but to not take a photo at all?!?! xx

    • Sons, Sand & Sauvignon Post author

      I completely understand the other children bit, but I just wouldn’t publish anything online of anyone else unless they were in agreement. I even asked my sister if it was ok to post a picture of my nephews once, just to be sure xx

  • Laura's Lovely Blog

    WHAT!?! No photos? That’s ridiculous – that would make me really cross. I hope they don’t have the same policy when Logan starts school. At the moment I do not upload photos to social media without the parent’s consent – surely that’s just common courtesy? But to blanket ban it makes me so sad.

  • SaraH HP

    I think they have a good balance in my daughters school. They let you take photos but you sign an agreement to say that you will not post on social media. I think it is a happy medium. I’m literally the worst at remembering to take photos and often find myself scratching around for good photos for my blog posts – I feel may be a camera phone upgrade is in order.