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As parent’s we find ourselves repeating ourselves over and over and over again! I have lost count of the times I have shouted certain phrases at the boys. I’m not sure whether they just zone out of my voice or whether they are blatantly ignoring every single thing that comes out of my mouth! I thought it would be fun to share my most said phrases. The things I say 3000 times a day. Every day! So here they are

My top 10 phrases as a mum!


my top ten phrases as a mum


10.Get your hands out of your poo!

This is a new one. I say new one, but is actually one that has been rediscovered for the third time. Kinley is at the stage where every time you take his nappy off, his hands automatically want to grab. Every. Single. Bloody. Time! I’m 30 and haven’t had poo on my hands that often!

9.Get in your bed!

This isn’t directed at the kids, but has to be in the top ten. The bear dog! I have wooden floors and her claws tapping drives me absolutely potty! If the kids have any form of food she is pretty much stood on top of them, so this phrase is said at least 10 times a day! And that’s a good day!

8.Not on the walls!

Cars. Bloody cars! They have tracks, road maps, more tracks. But yet all they ever want to do is push their cars along the walls! I must admit this bugs James a lot more than me (which is funny as it was me that did every ounce of decorating in this house) but it does come up every day without fail.

7.Stop playing with your willy!

Boys! What is it with males and their nether region? I thought it was a teenage thing that just continued through adulthood. I was wrong! Children as young as one love to play with their willies! Hayden being naked 90% is the worst of course. And it is really quite a disturbing sight if I am honest! I really hope as he gets older, clothes will become much easier to keep him in!

6.Hold on!

By this I mean hold on to the pushchair. If I did the school run every day, this would no doubt be number 2 in my top 10, but as I don’t, it gets a modest placement of 6! Ellis is 3, Ellis likes to push boundaries…you know like not hold on to the pushchair but run directly in front of it instead. Drives me MAD!

5.I said…!

The end of this sentence varies from don’t do that, to stop it, to get your bloody coat on, to will you just come here, to eat you dinner. You get the idea. It could be anything, and I say it 100 times every day!

4.Do you want me to get cross?

This phrase is part of my bribery sentence catalogue, but is definitely the most used. My bribery sentences consist of, Do you want to go on the naughty step? Do you want me to take that away? Do you want me to turn it off? Do you want to go to bed? and Do you want cake? So much for positive parenting eh?!  🙂

3.Ellis I said no!

I’m not going to lie, Ellis definitely gets shouty mummy more often than the other two. And this phrase is something I find myself saying at least 50 times a day, and I really don’t think I am exaggerating here! As I said above, Ellis likes to push the boundaries. A lot! So I find myself saying this way more than necessary!

2.Stop fighting!

Boys! To be a mum of boys! I love my boys more than life itself but jeez, can’t they just read, colour and play with dolls because that’s what my niece does! Because Hayden has a lack of communication, their fights can soon become really heated as Hayden wants it to stop but Ellis, as always, just keeps pushing it. And as the old saying goes “It’s only going to end in tears…”

1. Get Down!

By 6pm every evening I am screaming this loud enough for Manchester to hear (I live in Essex!) Hayden is a climber, always has been and Ellis is quickly getting to see what the fuss is all about. Literally from the word go, someone is climbing in an inappropriate place. The kitchen sides, the stairs (as in the bannister), the dining table, the Ikea kitchen, the toy box, the windowsill, the back of the sofa, the arms of the sofa, the console table in the hallway. The walls?! You get the idea? If there was one thing in this world I could wish for it would be for the boys to STOP BLOODY CLIMBING!!!!

So there we have my top ten phrases as a mum!

What are your most said phrases at home? Can you relate to mine or do you have your own set! I would love to hear them in the comments below!


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11 thoughts on “My top ten phrases as a mum!

  • Maria

    Hahaha I can relate to a lot of these – especially cars on the wall!!! What is is about the wall that is SO appealing? I also use “do you want me to get cross!” too. Lol

    Others on my list would be “play nicely” “share!” and “come on!!” Which is usually to E because he is so laid back and relaxed he never senses when we are rushing!

    Thanks so much for linking up to #KCACOLS I hoe to see you back again on Sunday.

  • Claire at Tin Box Traveller

    Number 7 makes me glad I have girls 🙂 My most said phrase at the moment is to Tin Box Tot: ‘Don’t pick up your sister’. She can’t help herself. She’s either trying to give her little sister a hug or move her away from her toys. It’s a nightmare and no matter how often I ask her not to do it she’s at it again within 10 minutes! #KCACOLS

  • Mommy's Little Princesses

    Oh I can definitely relate to this post apart from the poo *ewww* and Willies lol *sorry I couldn’t help but giggle at the Willie one*. I constantly find myself asking my girls if they understand me. Heck I even get a little sarcastic at times and congratulate them on the great listening skills *haha* I’m terrible aren’t I. xx #KCACOLS

  • Emma Jones

    Ha ha! My children are 5 and 9 now so I no longer have to utter these words but remember them vividly. Mine is now more get dressed, where are your shoes, have you done your homework, stop fighting, brush your teeth #kcacols lifeinthemumslane

  • Amanda

    Get down is also my number why Ryan feels the need to test every piece of furniture for its ability to be climbed on I don’t know. My number 2 would be the dog one of lie down mainly because she stands behind me as protection from what ever crazy game Ryan has decided to play that second lol my third would be no just a simple no sometimes I pull it out to give him a chance to stop before I lose it but I swear I say it so many times I forgotten what the opposite word even is lol