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Has the change in temperature got you dreaming of bluer skies and warmer climates? Is it time for a last minute holiday before the end of the season? The Balearic Islands are yet to see the end of their season and may be the perfect location for some winter warmth. Love the idea but dread the thought of flying with your toddler? I have teamed up with Tots to Travel to bring you my Top 5 tips for travelling with toddlers. Once the dreaded journey is over you want to know that your chosen accommodation is safe for your little explorers. With Tots to Travel you can confident in the knowledge that your little ones safety is their top priority when selecting their hotels, apartments and villas.

Top 5 Tips for Travelling with Toddlers


top 5 tips for travelling with toddlers

Travelling with toddlers can be very daunting for some. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With a little preparation and some planning, your journey could be a lot smoother than you are anticipating.

Time your flights well

Everyone hates a night flight right? But actually sometimes, it may be the perfect time to fly with little ones. They are naturally going to be tired and the chances of them snoozing through the journey is a lot more likely. The only downside to flying at this time is the fact that all the other passengers are likely to want to snatch a few minutes of sleep too. There is no worse feeling than feeling like your toddler is the cause of keeping an entire plane awake. Personally I like a really early flight.

Tire them out

If a night flight isn’t possible or your idea of hell, you may need to think of other ways to get your little ones relaxed and tired, ready for your journey. For example for one of our early morning flights we allowed the boys to stay up late the night before, that alongside an early morning wake up call meant by the time we were on the plane the boys were ready for a nice nap. Perfect!

tips for travelling with toddlers

Bags of Entertainment

Whether you are going on a 2 hour flight or a 20 hour flight, make sure you are stocked up on things to entertain your little ones. Whether it be an iPad, Colouring Books, A selection of toys, or some stories. Make sure you have plenty of things to keep your toddlers busy during a boring flight. Toddlers easily get bored, so a selection of all the above is probably the best idea.

Keep it short haul

Now I’m not saying do not take your children on a long haul flight. I have been on many with my monkeys and on the whole they have been pretty well behaved, However, if you are nervous about taking your toddler/s abroad keep the flight short. It will be easier to entertain them for a shorter period of time and if they are being little terrors then you don’t have to feel like you are annoying many of the other passengers with your wailing child for too long. `

tips for travelling with toddlers

Take advantage of the perks

Airports are a pretty boring place. They are also super busy. Running around after a toddler in such a packed space, and keeping them still during all the queuing you end up doing can be a struggle. You are able to jump several queues throughout the process if you have small children. Make sure you take advantage of these perks. You are also able to keep your buggy right up until the point you board the plane. This is so handy! But bear in mind, this isn’t the case when you land. Not really an issue when you arrive at a small airport, but when you have to carry everything (usually including said toddler) through what feels like the entire length of Gatwick, your arms soon become tired. Keep that in mind when taking advantage of Duty Free in the airport or on your flight.

So there are my Top 5 Tips for Travelling with Toddlers. would you add any more?


This post is a collaboration with Tots to Travel, but all words, images and opinions are my own.





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