The Ordinary Moments #8 A Daddy’s Boy 7

It is often said that boy’s tend to be mummy’s boys, with Ellis and Kinley that is very much the case. But with Hayden he is definitely a Daddy’s boy and always has been. I think it probably has a lot to do with the fact the during Hayden’s earlier years I worked full time and James stayed at home with Hayden. James would take him out regularly to the park, the farm, for walks and just generally have lots of bonding time. Even when Ellis came along and I found myself back on maternity leave, Hayden would always prefer Daddy time and cuddles. James had gone back to work at this point, but Hayden loved having him around on day’s off. He just seemed so much more content when James was home.

Fast forward 3 and half years, and through all the challenges we have faced with Hayden, he still very much remains all about daddy. He will cooperate better for James and more often than not James can calm him a lot quicker than I can.

This week James has been off work and Hayden has loved having Daddy do all the school runs, be home to play in the garden and be available for pre-sleep cuddles. I am almost convinced Hayden having gone to sleep at a decent hour each night this week is to do with daddy being home and the daily routine being the same every day (at home anyway). No unexpected surprises of having to walk home because daddy is at work, no stressed mummy by 6pm counting down the seconds until bed time. Even the implementation of adding teeth brushing into the evening routine has been met with calm and an element of independence. Something that probably would have taken weeks to get right if I had enforced it alone (hence why it is only just happening).

Whilst I am not going to lie, I do get a little jealous from time to time, but I also love the fact they have this bond. A bond that doesn’t require conversation but is filled with cuddles, giggles, understanding and love. I think there is no quality that makes a man more attractive than a man who is great with his children. How James is with all three of the boys but especially Hayden, makes me fall in love with him over and over again, and I am glad Hayden has a best friend that he loves so dearly.

A Daddy’s Boy

A Daddy's Boy

A Daddy's Boy

A Daddy's Boy

A Daddy's Boy

A Daddy's Boy

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A Daddy's boy


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