Wicked Wednesday 4th May 11

Welcome to this week’s Wicked Wednesday post! The fab linky hosted by the lovely Em from Brummy Mummy of 2. This week is an absolute corker that had me in fits of giggles! Every day that James goes to work, he goes upstairs, puts his bath on, then comes back […]

Wicked Wednesday 4th May

Wicked Wednesday

Wicked Wednesday 16th December 10

Happy Wednesday everyone! It is none other than Wicked Wednesday time! As always linking up with the gorgeous Brummy Mummy of 2. I didn’t manage to link up last week, we had a few issues going on and then I was struck with the worst migraine I have had in […]

Kinley’s Toddler Application 22

As Ellis recently had an internal promotion to pre-schooler, we now have a toddler vacancy going spare in the Sons, Sand & Sauvignon household. As Kinley is now 11 months old (i know, right?!?!) he has decided he would like to apply for the role of toddler. So very reluctantly […]

Kinley's Toddler Application

Reward chart

Are reward charts the way forward?

Discipline is a sideĀ of parenting I am really bloody crap at! I hate making my children cry, and I am incredibly inconsistent in my discipline approach. This of course causes us issues with behaviour. Hayden is slightly different in the fact he is actually very difficult to discipline and Ellis […]