Starting school with Maped Helix – A Review 2

So we have reached the half way point of the summer holidays, and I’m not ashamed to admit, September can’t come quick enough. It has been a really challenging few weeks, with boredom levels increasing and my bank of activities running out. Things are beginning to get a little stressful. […]

starting school with Maped Helix

Made by Mrs F **Launch** 16

I don’t think I can even express how excited I am that this day has come! Made by Mrs F was an idea that came to me back towards the end of 2015. I wanted to showcase the things I could create and┬ádesign and share the products and services I […]

Can I help you with your wedding? Part One

Welcome to my new mini series, Can I help you with your wedding? A ten part series, posted fortnightly about all the different ways I can help you with the planning and design for your big day. People say that your wedding is the biggest and best day of your […]

Can I help you with your wedding?

My 30th Birthday Wishlist 5

It is less than 2 months now until I turn the big 3-0. And you know what? I am actually quite excited! I’m ready to turn 30. Almost like it is the next stage of my life. You know, when everything is good but yet you need that new lease […]

6 things that make my blogging life easier

I always feel a little bit strange when I think up a ‘blog tips’ post. I am still in the very early days of what I hope to be a very long journey, so what would I know that can help another blogger out?! Well actually, being a new blogger, […]