Ordinary Moments #3 Cherishing Ellis 4

Welcome to The Ordinary Moments #3. Linking up with the lovely Katie from Mummy, Daddy, Me. I struggled to think of something this week. I hadn’t taken any particular pictures that inspired a post. Well there was one picture of Ellis & Kinley tickling and giggling but I didn’t want […]

The ordinary moments #3

1st birthday

Happy 1st Birthday little one. A year in pictures. 16

I really wanted to write a blog post to mark Kinley’s 1st birthday. But after sitting at the laptop for a fair old while, I cannot seem to find the words. I am a complete mix of emotions today. I cannot believe he is 1 already, I have a huge […]

Sometimes, acceptance can take time. 7

That’s Hayden mummy, he is shy!” James heard this one day whilst picking Hayden up from school. It melted my heart when he told me. What lovely, innocent minds 4 year olds have. If I’m honest, it also made me feel a little bit teary. If only he was just […]

accepting autism