The day Hayden took part in Sports Day 10

Whenever a school event comes up, I very often have little expectation on how much Hayden will get involved. Not in a bad way. It is something I started doing after feeling upset every time he struggled to take part in any activity. It is hard to see your child’s […]

He deserves better 14

Before I get into the post I am sharing with you I would just like to make a little disclaimer. The subject I am writing about is fairly sensitive and I want to make it quite clear that whilst all of the facts in this post are indeed facts, any […]

Did I choose the right school? 24

“One other thing I want to touch on during our meeting today is, have you ever considered any specialised schools for Hayden?” I have been asked this question before by different professionals in the school setting, but more as a side comment. Before we actually ever had any evidence on whether main […]

selfish for wanting my son in mainstream school?

An open letter to Mrs K 4

Dear Mrs K So, as of Monday you take over being Hayden’s full time 1:1 at school. I am excited to get to know you and look forward to seeing what differences you can make to Hayden’s life. I’m not going to lie, the pressure is huge. You have big […]

Hayden’s 1:1 is leaving. 9

This morning at 7:29 exactly, I got a text. A text that made me sob my heart out. Uncontrollable crying. Even just writing that sentence, my eyes are filling up again. It was A, Hayden’s 1:1 at school, telling me she had been offered a new job recently, and after a […]

Hayden's 1:1 is leaving

But I want to take a photo! 10

I used to be rubbish at taking photographs. Many milestones and occasions were left without personal photographic memories. I used to embrace the moment and forget all about documenting it, let alone posting it to social media. Since I started blogging though, if anything happens, good or bad, the first […]

Today’s the day! First day at School

So, we are here. Today’s the day. Hayden’s first day at school. How do I feel? Strangely unemotional. That first look at him in his school uniform made me gulp back a bit of a lump in my throat. But I waved him off just like I would have done […]

First day of school

school gate etiquette

School Gate etiquette 5

As parents we spend a lot of time at the school gate. We are there twice (if not more times) a day, 5 days a week, 30 odd weeks a year, for the best part of 15 years. There are certain behaviours we expect from our children whilst they attend […]