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How we potty trained our autistic son 11

Back in the summer I wrote a post about potty training an autistic child. We were a couple of weeks in and I was already pulling my hair out. It was hard, real hard! I was going to write an update a little while into it, but not much had […]

how we potty trained our autistic son

Is he ready for the potty?

I have been really reluctant to potty train Ellis for a couple of reasons. Hayden was so difficult and the level of ‘accidents’ became incredibly stressful for all of us. For about 2 months my house literally smelt like a toilet. Obviously, potty training Hayden was a very different ball game […]

Potty training & Autism: Not for the faint hearted! 5

In about 7 weeks Hayden turns 5. And like many other 5 year olds he has pretty good bladder control. He is dry almost every night, he stays dry whilst we are out and about and he generally goes at specific times (you know, when you’d expect him to…first thing, after a big drink […]

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