I Quit – My Stop Smoking Diary: Why? 3

As I mentioned yesterday, rather than resolutions I have decided to set myself some major goals this year. Goals that will improve many aspects of my life. I didnt put pressure on myself to start from the 1st January. Personally I feel there is way too much pressure doing that and […]

I Quit

10 blogs I'm loving lately

10 blogs I’m loving lately 48

Until I started blogging myself, I had never really read blogs. I didn’t really know much about them and definitely didn’t realise just how many bloggers there were. The community is huge! My favourite blogs are constantly changing. As my style changes, and more and more new blogs appear it […]

Summer Garden Wishlist 6

As the weather gets warmer and now June is in full swing it is time to start looking at getting our garden summer ready! As it is only our second year with a proper garden there is still an element of novelty, and I like nothing more than browsing the […]

summer garden wishlist

What happened to our friendship? 33

I have had a real hard time blogging this week. There have been some things going on in our personal lives that have been hard to deal with, which haven’t left me very inspired. Everything came to a head Thursday which meant James was now looking for another job. I’m […]

I’m Back, and so excited!!! 2

Revamp is finished. Launch day has arrived. And I am so, so excited to share my new look with you all! Back in August I decided it was time to plan in a little break to help me take a step back and have a long hard look at the blog. What […]