Hayden and Autism – An Update 1

As it has been a while since I have posted much on here I thought it would be appropriate to give you a little update on how Hayden is getting on. I last gave an update on Hayden and autism in March where I looked at the different ways autism […]

Hayden and autism

A Daddy's boy

The Ordinary Moments #8 A Daddy’s Boy 7

It is often said that boy’s tend to be mummy’s boys, with Ellis and Kinley that is very much the case. But with Hayden he is definitely a Daddy’s boy and always has been. I think it probably has a lot to do with the fact the during Hayden’s earlier […]

Before he had Autism… 131

For some parents they notice developmental differences in their children from a very early age, for others it is a long time before certain behaviours start to become obvious, some even reach adulthood before they question particular traits. If you’ve read Hayden’s Story, you will know Hayden followed a very neuro-typical […]

Before he had autism...

Hayden's 1:1 is leaving

Hayden’s 1:1 is leaving. 9

This morning at 7:29 exactly, I got a text. A text that made me sob my heart out. Uncontrollable crying. Even just writing that sentence, my eyes are filling up again. It was A, Hayden’s 1:1 at school, telling me she had been offered a new job recently, and after a […]

Does my autistic son identify with minions? 28

Who doesn’t love a minion? Bright yellow, pill shaped, adorable little squishy characters. They make little sense, yet they have captured the hearts of adults and children across the world! My boys love them as much as the next child. But Hayden seems particularly taken with the minion movie. He will sit […]

does my autistic son identify with minions?

accepting autism

Sometimes, acceptance can take time. 7

That’s Hayden mummy, he is shy!” James heard this one day whilst picking Hayden up from school. It melted my heart when he told me. What lovely, innocent minds 4 year olds have. If I’m honest, it also made me feel a little bit teary. If only he was just […]

It is time to combine

A couple of weeks ago, you may remember I wrote a post about whether I should combine my 2 blogs (here, if you missed it!). After spending hours creating a brand new website and going self hosted for Little Monkey Hut, I realised I just did not have the time to keep […]

Time to combine