Hello June. My May Round Up 17

Well hello June! You have crept up on us very quickly! This year is just flying by isn’t it? Anyone else seen the Christmas memes floating around Facebook already? It is just crazy! As you know each month I like to reflect on the previous month’s positives and set a […]

my May round up

2016 goals and bucket list update 1

We are well and truly flying through 2016. I cannot believe Sunday is May 1st! As we are almost half way through the year I thought it would be a good idea to look over the goals and bucket list I set myself in¬†January¬†and see how I am getting on. […]

Hello March! A February Round Up 1

Well, I for one am so very happy to see the back of February. For a month that showed so much promise and excitement, it has been one big write off in the Sons, Sand & Sauvignon household. Whilst it wasn’t all bad, the second half of the month definitely […]

Hello march. February Round up

Setting goals for 2016 4

I always used to set myself a couple of New Years Resolutions. But I never, ever kept them past a day or 2! One year giving up smoking was my resolution. I lasted up until 3pm. That was when I figured there was no real point anymore. So for the […]

find my oomph update #2 2

Update #2 Well lovely lot, welcome to the second update in my quest to ‘Find my Oomph!‘ If I am honest it has been a complete mixed bag this fortnight! The goals are definitely much easier to achieve but a fortnight flies past so quickly these days, before you realise […]

Find my oomph!

Find my oomph!

Find my oomph update #1 2

Update #1 So, two weeks ago I wrote about losing my oomph. I seemed to be feeling very insecure about everything, and I realised it wasn’t something that happened over night. Whilst writing it, I was incredibly emotional. But I figured rather than just feel sorry for myself I needed […]

Find My Oomph! 9

So, last night I posted about losing my ‘oomph’ (here) and I have decided to share my journey of trying to get it back! To do that I need to set myself some goals. The first set of goals are going to probably seem a little bit basic to some […]

Find my oomph!

Has anyone seen my oomph?

Has anyone seen my oomph? 8

I seem to have lost it somewhere in the last 5 years! When I am talking about ‘my oomph’ there is actually a lot I could mean. My drive to be a great manager, mother, wife and all the other things I have put my mind to over the years, […]