Starting Reception & Leaving old friends 3

Last week saw Ellis have his first settling in session in reception. Reception!!! My little boy, not even 4, is going to be starting reception. As the head teacher read out the names of each class it was a bittersweet moment. He had some of his little friends in the […]

BML16: New friends, fire alarms & a hangover 12

Well BML16 is now well and truly over, and I have just about recovered from what was an epic weekend! I had been looking forward to this weekend since I made the decision to attend after feeling completely out of the loop last year. As I was very new on […]

Friends you’ve never met 12

Last Saturday I was not only lucky enough to provide a very lovely blogging friend with her wedding centrepieces, I was also invited to attend her wedding reception. I, along with a couple of other lovely bloggers were invited to be part of Gemma’s special day. When Gemma from A Gem’s Life […]

friends yu've never met

Hayden's 1:1 is leaving

Hayden’s 1:1 is leaving. 9

This morning at 7:29 exactly, I got a text. A text that made me sob my heart out. Uncontrollable crying. Even just writing that sentence, my eyes are filling up again. It was A, Hayden’s 1:1 at school, telling me she had been offered a new job recently, and after a […]

Finding a place you belong. 10

Adjusting to being a stay at home mum has been a really rocky time for me. Whilst I love that I get to watch my boys grow up, I desperately miss adult interaction. For the first few months I cried almost every time James went to work, and there were […]