Our Dream Family Cruise 2

When I was around 7 or 8 years old my mum and dad took myself and my sister on a 7 night Mediterranean family cruise. We flew over to Palma in Majorca and got transferred to the port where a huge, luxurious cruise ship was waiting to pick us up […]

family cruise

Family day out

Wildlife Trust, Brightlingsea and Hungry Horse 3

Last weekend we decided we all needed to get out of the house and soak up some sunshine and fresh air. You may have read a few days ago that in fact, our ‘perfect’ family day out was anything but! After I had got over my stubborn grump at the […]

Ordinary moments #7 Family time 7

When you live far away from loved ones, it makes family time that little bit more special. You don’t have to do anything too exciting, a trip to a park, a few hours out exploring, a meal out or simply enjoying time in the garden watching the kids run around. […]

family time

an afternoon at the beach

An afternoon at the beach 53

If you follow the blog or know me personally, you will know I have a real hard time leaving the house with the kids. Outside of the school run and the odd necessary pop to the small supermarket down the road, we never go out without Daddy. There are a few […]

Being a Mummy: Happy Mother’s Day 2

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a mummy. To have my own children was, for me a huge ambition in life. I am incredibly lucky in the fact I never had any problems or issues surrounding pregnancy. I haven’t had to go through the […]

Being a mummy

A perfect family summer holiday

A perfect summer holiday? 2

As our family has grown, holiday’s have been much harder to manage financially. Before children, James and I would go on at least one holiday a year, and even once Hayden came along, we still managed to get some much needed sun, sea and sand in on a regular basis. […]

Make me a #MarkWarnerMum. A little poem. 2

Before the monkey’s came along, James and I used to enjoy going on lots of holidays that were filled with long lazy days on the beach, and late nights drinking cocktails. Holidays were relaxing and peaceful, and we always came home rested and rejuvenated. Fast forward a few years and holidays are now very different. Whilst the […]

{The ordinary moments} #2 feat

The ordinary moments #2 1

Welcome to The Ordinary Moments #2. The brilliant linky hosted by the lovely Katie from Mummy, Daddy and Me. A linky that is all about remembering the little moments, the everyday moments that will get lost in time. The Ordinary Moments. The relationship between my three boys isn’t generally one […]

Does distance really have to mean distant? 34

When I was 18 months old (ish) my mum and dad chose to move away from our home town of Thatcham. This wasn’t an easy decision on their part, but from what I remember from the stories, it was a move they had to make financially. We moved to Nottingham, miles […]

A surprise week away in Norfolk for mum 2

In October, my mum turned 50, and we wanted to think up an extra special present to mark the occasion. A year ago, me, my sister and step dad started thinking of things we could do. It wasn’t really a difficult choice to be honest, we knew the best present […]

Changes are on the horizon 1

You may remember a few weeks back, I found myself having a little bit of a blog wobble. The response from everyone was lovely (thank you!), and it didn’t take too long for me snap out of it. But it did force me to make some decisions that helped pull me […]

Changes are on the horizon

Chillin Meerkat

A ‘fun’ family day at Colchester Zoo 6

As the summer holiday’s draw to a close, we knew we wanted to have a day out as a family on one of Daddy’s days off. With Ellis’ new found obsession with Lion King and lover of all things ‘animal’ we thought the zoo would be a good choice. We […]