Does Hayden have ADHD? 12

This week saw our follow up appointment after Hayden’s autism diagnosis in November last year. The appointment itself was a little disappointing if I am honest. We were in the consultation room for less than twenty minutes. I didn’t know what I was expecting but something a little more thorough than […]

Does Hayden have ADHD?

Autism diagnosis

Autism. It’s real, it’s here and I’m okay! 1

If you are a regular reader of Sons, Sand & Sauvignon you will know that last week, we finally had our autism diagnosis appointment for Hayden. Something we have been waiting an incredibly long time for. Something we so desperately wanted. If you read my post, what getting a diagnosis means […]

What getting a diagnosis means to me 26

Tomorrow see’s our final autism assessment and diagnosis appointment for Hayden. Something I am really struggling to get my head around. On one hand, I have been waiting for this day for the past 3 years, but on the other, I’m scared, really scared.   Don’t get me wrong, I’m […]

accepting autism

Sometimes, acceptance can take time. 7

That’s Hayden mummy, he is shy!” James heard this one day whilst picking Hayden up from school. It melted my heart when he told me. What lovely, innocent minds 4 year olds have. If I’m honest, it also made me feel a little bit teary. If only he was just […]

Haydens Story 12

Hi My name is Hayden and I am 4 years old. I live at home with my mummy, daddy, and my little brothers Ellis and Kinley. I also have a doggie called Koko. We live by the beach because that is my favourite place in the whole wide world! When […]


Time to combine

It is time to combine

A couple of weeks ago, you may remember I wrote a post about whether I should combine my 2 blogs (here, if you missed it!). After spending hours creating a brand new website and going self hosted for Little Monkey Hut, I realised I just did not have the time to keep […]