My top ten phrases as a mum! 11

As parent’s we find ourselves repeating ourselves over and over and over again! I have lost count of the times I have shouted certain phrases at the boys. I’m not sure whether they just zone out of my voice or whether they are blatantly ignoring every single thing that comes out […]

my top ten phrases as a mum

age appropriate

Age appropriate. What does that even mean? 19

There has been a huge hype in recent months about gender stereotyping toys. And whilst I think there is an element of natural human instinct when it comes to what our children choose to play with, I would never discourage my children wanting to play with something ‘intended’ for girls. […]

Watching them grow before my very eyes 19

Sometimes, being a mum you can get bogged down with daily routines, tears, tantrums and all the negative bits of parenting, you forget to just take time to watch them grow. I have been guilty of counting down the hours to bedtime, wishing away the tantrum years, wanting the days to […]

watching them grow

i am the mum who

I am the mum who… 8

So I have been tagged by the lovely Jemma over at Living Life Nottingham (Not that it takes much but Jemma, is the name with or without the Nottingham?) to complete my ‘I am the mum who…’ post! (Thanks hun!)   I have been racking my brains all week to come […]