Japanese nappies review

Since having Hayden, I have always used the same brand of nappies. I’ve never really had a reason to try out other brands before, and the idea that some of the cheaper, supermarket brands are just as good has never forced me to give them a try. I am like […]

japaese nappies review

1st birthday

Happy 1st Birthday little one. A year in pictures. 16

I really wanted to write a blog post to mark Kinley’s 1st birthday. But after sitting at the laptop for a fair old while, I cannot seem to find the words. I am a complete mix of emotions today. I cannot believe he is 1 already, I have a huge […]

Kinley’s Toddler Application 22

As Ellis recently had an internal promotion to pre-schooler, we now have a toddler vacancy going spare in the Sons, Sand & Sauvignon household. As Kinley is now 11 months old (i know, right?!?!) he has decided he would like to apply for the role of toddler. So very reluctantly […]

Kinley's Toddler Application

sleep tricks

Sleep tricks that work

One of the things I was most nervous about when I was heavily pregnant with Hayden was the sleep deprivation that comes with having a newborn. And for many parents out there, that sleep deprivation carries on long after the newborn stage. I am a sleep lover, always have been! […]

A letter to my baby boy 6

Dear Kinley My gorgeous baby boy! At the time of writing this letter you have just turned 7 months old (yesterday!). And wow that time has passed so quickly! You are definitely finding your place (and voice) in this loud, chaotic family you have been born into. And I could not be […]

My birth story

Birth – Never as bad as the first! My birth story: Kinley 28

With my best bird due to pop out a baby in the next couple of weeks there has been a lot of talk around birth between us recently. I think it is safe to say she is a little bit nervous! This will be her second little one, and she […]

Find My Oomph! 9

So, last night I posted about losing my ‘oomph’ (here) and I have decided to share my journey of trying to get it back! To do that I need to set myself some goals. The first set of goals are going to probably seem a little bit basic to some […]

Find my oomph!

a nautical nursery theme

A Nautical Nursery 8

When deciding how to decorate Kinley’s nursery. I didn’t want the usual pale blue or green, transport or animal themes. I’m onto my third boy, we have done all that before. If I am honest I find it all a bit bland now! During my pregnancy I was convinced I was going to paint […]

The start of our weaning journey 7

We have took a different approach with weaning Kinley (I say we, I mean ‘I’). We were desperate to start the other 2 monkeys on more than just milk. And as soon as we introduced other things, both the boys loved it. When Kinley hit 4 months I bought some […]