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When I was approached to review the Stur Liquid Water Enhancer I had just decided to stop myself from drinking so many sugary drinks. I have spent the past 6 or 7 years drinking way too much coca cola than is healthy for anyone. Hayden would always take the opportunity to grab my glass when my back was turned so instead I would sip from the fridge throughout the day. It was only when I took control of the weekly shopping, I realised how bad I had become. I was going through at least 4 bottles of full fat coke a week and something had to change.

I started by keeping bottles of water in the fridge but before long I found myself craving sugary sweetness. I decided to start using the sugar free squash we give the children to flavour my water. However I am fully aware that sugar free does not necessarily mean it isn’t packed full of natural sugars.

Stur Liquid Water Enhancer

Stur Liquid Water Enhancer

Stur liquid water enhancer seemed to be a great solution to my sweet craving drinks but without any of the ‘nasties’ that come in usual soft drinks. I was sent a sample pack of their various flavours to try.

Stur liquid water enhancers offer a healthy and yummy alternative to other high calorie, sugary drinks. The range is made solely from natural fruit flavours and then sweetened using the natural stevia leaf extract. Every single squeeze provides you with 100% of your RDA of Vitamin C. And what’s better they contain no calories, fat or sugar! Perfect for a family a little bit hooked on sweet drinks.

The Stur range are available on Amazon, Wholefoods, nationwide independent health food stores and from their own website. Each bottle has an RRP of £3.49 or you can pick up a mix pack like the one below for £19.99. There are 30 servings in each bottle making each drink just over 11p! Not much more expensive than your average branded bottle of squash.

Stur Liquid Water Enhancer flavours

Our thoughts

The range of flavours we received were: Blackcurrant & Apple, Cranberry & Pomegranate, Green Apple, Orange & Mango, Brewed Tea & Peach and Brewed Tea & Lemon.

I am quite fussy so only tried a few of the flavours, but James and the boys road tested the rest.

My favourite by far was the Cranberry & Pomegranate. A favourite flavour of mine. These drinks taste no different to usual squashes. Knowing that me and my sugar hungry monkey’s could drink it without the worry of rotting teeth and yet more sugar into their daily diet is comforting. It also certainly helped curb my sugar cravings too.

James’ favourite flavours were the brewed tea & peach and lemon, but was also quite happy stealing the Blackcurrant & Apple off of me.

Overall, we would probably buy this product again. It would be great to see it more widely available as I don’t really visit health shops very often. That would be the only thing that would stop me choosing this over other brands in the future.

We didn’t quite get 30 servings out of each bottle but it wasn’t far off.

I would recommend these to any families that may have too much sugar in their diets at the moment. The children didn’t notice any difference from any other squashes but as their parents, we knew it was a much healthier alternative. If you would like to try this fab product why not check out their website here.

Stur Liquid Water Enhancer

I was sent a sample pack to review. But all images and opinions are my own.

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