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The humble cardboard box. Every child’s favourite ever toy! No matter how full their toy boxes and playrooms are, a cardboard box can entertain a child for hours. It can be anything they want it to be, a plane, a den, a car, a castle. Often making us parents wonder why on earth we have spent hundreds of pounds on plastic or wood objects in the hope that those items will be considered the best toy ever. Then come Stickibox a company that provides an amazing activity pack that allows your child send their creativity into overdrive whilst playing with a simple cardboard box! Come and see what Ellis thought of Stickibox, in our Stickibox review.

Stickibox Review

Stickibox Review

Stickibox was founded by Pip & Kerry, two mums that were inspired after a rainy afternoon watching their children create a car our of an empty cardboard box. After putting their heads together Stickibox was born. They pride themselves on the fact all of their products are made in the UK and each kit is made of recycled material which can be recycled again after use.

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Each car kit contains:

1x Cardboard Box  with perforated base and hand holes.

4x Card Wheels

1x Card steering wheel

1x Pack of stickers (these include dashboard badges, lights, number plates and go faster stripes.

1x Pack of fasteners for wheels

1x Instruction Leaflet

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As you can see above Ellis was pretty excited when our Stickibox Car Kit arrived in the post! We waited for a rainy afternoon when his little brother was napping to really get some one on one time just Ellis and Mummy, with a fun activity to entertain us. Ellis really enjoyed getting involved and was very excited to get everything stuck on in the quickest time possible so he could start playing.

stickibox review

Ellis coloured in some of the provided stickers (future artist clearly!) whilst mummy built the box. The kit comes with instructions, but the box is really easy to put together. We then added Ellis’ stickers and any other bits he wanted me to put onto the box. He decided he also wanted the base removed so he could run around the house pretending to be a car. Cue lots of ‘brrrrrring’ and ‘vrooming’.

Everything is really easy to add onto the box. The little plastic fasteners for the wheels and steering wheel just need a little help piercing through the cardboard. I did this with a pen.

Our Opinion

Overall we think the Stickibox is great. It really fired Ellis’ imagination and he spent much of the afternoon running up and down our hallway and kitchen. Personally I would like to see the wheels/steering wheel to be made from stronger, thicker cardboard, maybe much like the cardboard box itself. Either that or for them to be brighter colours. Just something to make them stand out that bit more.

I think it is a great gift for little ones. The kit is aimed at 3-8 year olds, and I think they have this pretty spot on. Ellis has never been that creative with colouring in etc, but if your little one loves to colour and embellish everything then this activity is perfect for them.

If you think the £15 price tag is a little too high, Stickibox also produce a kit without the cardboard box for £9. A great stocking filler or extra birthday present.

I look forward to seeing this brand grow and would love to see lots more designs and options to purchase.

Great product Stickibox. A thumbs up from Ellis and Mummy!

Stickibox review

Stickibox sent me one of their Car kits to review, but all opinions and imagery are my own.


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3 thoughts on “Stickibox Review

  • Sarah HP

    Oh man my kids love a box. I got a bike for Christmas and we had a massive box. It was the hit (was a slide to start with then a castle and then when completely bashed up they all coloured on it. There were tears when I finally put it out for recycling. I’m not sure I’d buy a special box (mainly because I love a bit of Internet shopping so I tend to have lots of handy if boxes).