Spectrum Sunday #8

Welcome to Spectrum Sunday #8. I hope your week has been a good one! We had quite a tough one this week, remember I said Hayden had settled straight back into school after Christmas? Well I clearly spoke to soon. I had a call from the school Monday morning asking me to go in and settle Hayden. Nobody could bring him out of his upset state. He didn’t want anything to do with his 1:1 and wouldn’t cooperate with any other adults. He had lashed out and had also had a go at trashing the classroom. After an hour of trying to settle him, we all decided it was best for me to bring him home. Tuesday morning, I had further issues trying to get him ready for school and ended up keeping him off again. Luckily Wednesday was easier and he was fine, going into school and he was settled through the rest of the week. I don’t know whether it was tiredness, he was feeling a little under the weather or he just didn’t want to be there Monday. I am hoping it was a one off. But as a family we have decided to put some serious structure to our day, and force Hayden to do certain things. I am writing a post to do with it and was hoping it would be ready to link up today (which is why I am a little late getting the post out), but it is quite a personal post about my methods of parenting so is really tough to write. I really hope it is ready to share next week!

Because of that I don’t have a new post to share with you today. So as I embark on potty training number 2, I am going to share a post I wrote this summer. Potty training and autism, not for the faint hearted. I really do need to get round to writing an update but it has been probably our biggest challenge yet. How did you tackle potty training? Ad did you also find yourselves petrified when it came to doing it with younger siblings? I certainly am!

If this is your first week joining us, it is lovely to have you! I really hope you get lots out of this little linky!

Those that linked up last week. Thank you so much! You made it so, so┬áhard to choose a favourite. Every single post had me in awe of all of you. I really do love reading each and every one of your posts! After about 3 hours of deciding my two ‘Spectrum Sunday Stars’ this week are; Nym and her amazing post Am I autistic? Take 2. Such a fantastic piece of writing from Nym once again, questioning whether she is autistic herself. My second has to be Toni’s post If I could take it away. Such a short and simple post, that almost had me in tears. I can’t decide whether I agree or not, but Toni definitely has a very good point here. If you haven’t read these posts, pop over and have a read, they really are great. If you have time have a look at all of last weeks posts if you haven’t already. They really were outstanding last week!

Hope you all have a great week, I can’t wait to read your posts!



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