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Welcome to Spectrum Sunday #6. Happy New Year!  I hope you all managed to get some time out with your families, and enjoyed what you could over Christmas. We have had a fairly unsettled Hayden here, and I am pretty desperate for the routine of term time to start again. Only 2 more days, and then probably a week of nightmare before things settle down again. One of the hardest things has definitely been his sleep routine, and I am more than ready for some pre 11pm bedtimes. Christmas has also seen his toilet usage become a lot more unpredictable, but luckily with the addition of gluten free bread to his diet, I’m not having to clear up slop!
To anyone new here, Spectrum Sunday is a linky for all of your ASD related posts! It is great to have you join us!
Thank you to everyone that linked up last time! Another great range of posts once again! Many of them made me wake up and realise why Hayden is being particularly difficult at this time of year! My Spectrum Sunday Stars for this week have to be to the lovely Nym and her post an ASD Christmas. Such an informative post that really opened my eyes to why some of Hayden’s behaviours have been erratic this time of year. My second is from newcomer Stacey Leigh and her post Does my son have autism? A post I really related to. It took me straight back to how I felt a few years ago, when I first started questioning some of Hayden’s behaviours.
This week I am linking up a new post that was written this week (woohoo!) I don’t need your parenting advice. A post I wrote following something that happened just before the Christmas, along with a whole load of unwanted advice previous to this. Do you find yourself receiving unwanted advice on a regular basis?
I Can’t wait to read your posts!
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