Spectrum Sunday #4

Welcome to Spectrum Sunday #4. A place to share your ASD related blog posts, whilst building a community for people sharing similar experiences.

I can’t actually believe this linky has been running 4 weeks already! Thank you to those that linked up last week! It was a bit quieter last week but I didn’t push it on social media as much as previous weeks. Please share, share, share my tweets to help expose this linky, which I personally feel is a great unique linky.

Firstly, I would like to apologise for being so late at commenting on your fantastic posts this week! We had an incident at school on Monday with Hayden that led to him having a few more days off, then followed by a horrendous migraine that literally had me stuck to the sofa for 3 days! Probably down to the stress of the previous days. Apart from my break in October, it is the first week I have not published a single blog post! I will be better this week! I promise!

Secondly, I have decided to keep the linky open until Wednesday morning, hopefully allowing more people to join us! If you know of any other bloggers that write about ASD in any way, then please give them a nudge!

If you are new to Spectrum Sunday. Welcome, it is great to have you! I hope you enjoy reading the brilliant and comforting posts that fill this little space! The rules are below for you!

It was really difficult choosing my ‘Spectrum Sunday Stars’ last week as every single post was relatable, but my 2 favourites actually come from the same person this week! The lovely James from Stories about Autism. I really related to both of his posts and it actually led me to spend a further 45 minutes on his blog! (Even though I am incredibly behind!) If you didn’t manage to read his posts Autism and a trip to the dentist & To medicate or not to medicate…that is the question. Then make sure you get yourselves over and have a read!

So, back to this week!

Today I am linking up a post I originally wrote on my first blog Little Monkey Hut (feel free to read why i no longer use that blog here) back in April/May. The truth behind the scratch. I have chosen to share this post as the incident at school last week was scratching related, so probably something that will be written about again very soon. I sometimes find it nice to look at old posts that are still relevant. I also need to be careful how I write about it this time around without it being too linked to the school (they’re not a fan of being talked about online) I have quite a lot of autism related content to write about at the moment, so hopefully you will have some up to date posts soon!

I cant wait to read your posts! And please don’t forget to share! xx


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