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Hello everyone and happy Sunday! Welcome to Spectrum Sunday #28. The place to link up any of your ASD related blog posts.

If you are new to the linky, welcome, I hope you enjoy taking part and reading the fantastic posts that get linked up each week.

Thank you to everyone that joined in last week. A fab bunch of posts as always. I have most of your posts scheduled to share on my Facebook page this week. All of your posts are now pinned to my ‘Spectrum Sunday Linky’ board on Pinterest.

I hope you have all had a good week! Ours has been mixed bag, with some personal stuff getting quite frustrating. There have been positives too though! We had our report back from the specialist teacher. I shall be writing a bit about it next week.

This week I am linking up a post about some of Hayden’s more frustrating behaviours, that, in all honesty, drive me a bit crazy! Obsessive Compulsive Behaviours. I’d love it if you have any tips on some equipment or tools you’ve used in the past for a sensory seeking child.

Spectrum Sunday #28

I have decided, with #BML16 being on next weekend and the fact I am milking it and spending 2 nights child free, I wont be publishing a Spectrum Sunday next week. Because of this I am going to leave the linky open for a full week. This can allow you plenty of time to join in alongside the preparations if you are also attending! Spectrum Sunday will be back at 5pm on the 3rd July as normal.

I hope you have a fantastic fortnight. And if you are going to #BML16 next weekend, make sure you come and say hello!

As always I cannot wait to read your posts. It really is the highlight of my week sitting down to read your blog posts.

Spectrum Sunday #28


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One thought on “Spectrum Sunday #28

  • Myrtle

    These kinds of behaviours can be very frustrating can’t they? Especially when you think they are due to anxiety rather than something that your child genuinely enjoy x