Spectrum Sunday #23

Happy Sunday everyone and welcome to Spectrum Sunday #23. The place to link up your ASD related blog posts!

I hope you have all had a great week and the sun has been shining for you. There is something about the sunshine that really motivates me! I really think my general mood and I’d go as far to say my mental health very much changes with the seasons!

Last week was another great week with a bunch of great posts. I have learnt quite a lot about PDA this week and I loved reading how many of you face your challenges with fun ways to get the little monkey’s doing what they need to.

It has been a week of two halves for me this week. On a blogging level I have had an awesome week, James has been off too so home has been pretty good too. Hayden has gone to sleep at a fairly decent time each night too, so I feel quite rested, but school has been a bit of an issue. I spoke to many of you about it on Steph’s Facebook group. Thank you for all your advice. On Friday we got our speech and language report through, which got me worked up all over again. Her report basically suggests the school are not doing enough for Hayden in terms of support. The report was bitter sweet really. We are so glad our feelings are not just us being over protective and worrying that their suggestion of specialised schooling is their way of saying they can’t cope. But also we need to really think about what road to go down next. Even if I was to say tomorrow I am putting Hayden into a specialised school, it would take time, in that time they have obligations, ones I’m not convinced they would meet if I am honest. I have linked up the post I wrote after receiving a call from the school, but before receiving the SALT report. He Deserves Better. I’m sure more will be written on the matter this week!

spectrum sunday #23

Last week’s posts are all on my linky Pinterest page, please go check out my board if you haven’t already, there are plenty of posts on there to have a little read over!

I hope you all have a fantastic week and as always I cannot wait to read your posts!


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Spectrum Sunday #23

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