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Part of the 2016 plan, is to get involved with more guest posting, both hosting guest bloggers and guest blogging on other sites. Guest posting is good for both bloggers, Whether you are hosting or featuring, it will improve your exposure, give you an opportunity to reach new readers, and most of all build relationships. I am still great friends with the 2nd bride I featured in my budget beautiful series. And a friendship that will continue to grow no doubt!

As my budget beautiful series has just finished, I was looking at hosting a new series that was easier to publish on time and answer questions I saw over and over again.

After a little while I decided to focus it on blogging. I want to reach, meet and engage with more bloggers in 2016 so what better way than involve the subject of blogging?

However I didn’t want to completely isolate my non blogging readers (hello!) so wanted to consider that too!

I came up with a series called “How do you do it?”

The question I hear every few days on the several blogging groups I am part of is, how do you manage/when do you find the time to blog? And I am interested! My laptop and I have become very fond of each other over the past few months, and sometimes at the expense of really good proper Instagram parenting! So I want to know how my lovely blogging friends manage to fit in blogging alongside their every day life of looking after children, maintaining homes, some working full or part time too. However the luxury of blogging is you are in charge of how often you publish, so there will be bloggers involved that only publish a couple of times a week and some that publish 10-20+ (Donna I am looking at you!) posts a week. Those non blogging readers out there can see how to fit in a hobby, drinks with friends or whatever else they choose to fill their very little ‘leisure time’ whilst leading busy lives.

The series will start on the 25th January and for the moment will run monthly.

If you are interested in featuring please do get in touch, you can find me on Facebook or send me an email directly, I would really love to have you!

How do you do it?

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