Obsessive Compulsive Behaviours 8

When I say obsessive compulsive behaviours, I don’t mean OCD. There is definitely none of that in this house, I’m talking about the compulsive behaviours Hayden has. Behaviours that he does again and again and again no matter how much hair I’ve pulled out or whether the people living three […]

Fathers Day cards with Postsnap

Fathers Day Cards with PostSnap 5

Father’s Day is fast approaching, and once again I am totally disorganised and running out of pennies! This year I have hardly thought about it, but one thing that annoys me every year is choosing my Fathers Day cards. Every year I stand scouring the card shops for a card […]

10 blogs I’m loving lately 48

Until I started blogging myself, I had never really read blogs. I didn’t really know much about them and definitely didn’t realise just how many bloggers there were. The community is huge! My favourite blogs are constantly changing. As my style changes, and more and more new blogs appear it […]

10 blogs I'm loving lately

blog style

Why you should embrace your blog style changing 21

The blogging world is a fast paced one. One that is constantly changing and adapting to new trends, tools and the size of the blogging community. Every day hundreds of new blogs appear, new platforms appear and become important in your journey. Your blog style will naturally change over time too. […]

Last Minute Fathers Day Gifts 10

Father’s Day is only just over a week away, and if you are anything like me, you haven’t even really given it a second thought yet. I am always so last minute with events. I really should get more organised as I always end up running out of money. I have […]

Faith restored in SALT…For now! 5

You may remember a post I wrote a couple of weeks ago about Hayden deserving better. How the professionals involved with his care, in our opinion, were not doing the best they can to meet his needs. Well I have to be honest, following meetings with both the school and […]


Lullaby Baby Review

Lullaby Baby Review 4

Lullabies have been used by parents all across the world for thousands of years. The calming, soothing sounds of a lullaby have long been used to lull a baby into a sleepy state. Luckily I have had three good sleeping babies, but Kinley has loved and enjoyed musical sounds from day one. […]