My first vlog! Eeeeek! 25

So, I have done it! I have filmed, edited and published my first Vlog!

my first vlog

For those that don’t know what vlogging is. It is basically video blogging, and is becoming more and more popular for bloggers to have a go at it! So I thought I would get in on the action and give it a go! I have wanted to try it since I filmed the video with Ellis reviewing the fab Elfie Selfie Christmas tops, and it has taken me a further three months to get my act together and get filming.

I’m not going to lie, I must have filmed this about 12 times before I was remotely happy with what I was producing. I ended up going with the idea of just talking and talking and editing out all the rubbish.

I am very aware I look away from the camera too much and I say ‘Erm!’ about 17 hundred times, but I am hoping with time and experience, I get better at that part.

Today’s vlog is just a little introduction into what you can expect from my You Tube channel and a little about me for those that aren’t familiar with the blog!

I have a few other vlog idea’s planned and have actually already filmed my next vlog, but won’t be uploading that until the weekend. It is going to need a whole load of editing, there are some serious cringe moments in there!

If you want to follow my vlogging journey, please do subscribe to the channel to get my videos sent straight through to your email inbox! And if you like the video please give it a little thumbs up for me!

I really can’t wait to see where this new little journey takes me! And I would love for you to join my little adventure!

So, without further ado, here is it…

My First Vlog!

Eeeeeeek! (Please be kind!)



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