Love/Hate Blogger Challenge

I have been nominated by the gorgeous Catherine at Pushing the Moon to complete the Love/Hate Blogger Challenge.

blogger challenge

The idea of the challenge is a simple list. 10 things you love & 10 things you hate. Short and sweet! A chance for you to get to know the person behind the blog that little bit better!

I’m not sure I will be able to narrow it down but here goes…

10 Things I Love…

Wine (notice it’s top of the list!)

My Family

The smell of petrol

A clean house

The sound of my children laughing

Date night


Writing lists


Pyjama bottoms

10 Things I Hate…



People who pretend they are perfect on social media

Ironing (iron as you go…it’s the best way!)


Any of us being ill


Negative people (although I can be awful myself sometimes)

Potty training

Warm Wine!

That’s tougher than it looks!!! Especially the hate list!

Thanks for the nomination Catherine!

I now nominate:

The gorgeous…

Jemma at Living Life Nottingham

‘Martha’ at Martha Mother

Lizzie at First Tooth


Becky at Little O and Me

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