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A few months after I started blogging and started to get used to some of the more technical terms I started joining as many ‘linkies’ as I could possibly manage. I wanted to find new blogs to read but also wanted to increase my own readership. A ‘Linky’ is the perfect way to do this. I have found some amazing blogs over the past year or so and continue to read them today. One of the ones I joined in with in the early days is Little Loves hosted by Morgana from Coffee Work Sleep Repeat. It is where you round up your week with a few prompts. I stopped joining in as I seemed to be writing the same thing week in week out. I didn’t feel anyone was getting any value so made the decision to have a little break.

New Routines & Ambitions – Little Loves

To be honest I had totally forgotten about this linky until a little prompt appeared in my Facebook news feed yesterday. I am quite excited to get back into it though, and hopefully life will be a bit more exciting and I will have plenty to write about this time around!

**Disclaimer: Grainy Image Alert! I didn’t expect to use any of these images so they are dark and grainy iPhone pics! Bad Blogger!


I have gone a little quote crazy recently. I have always loved a good old quote but at the moment they are really inspiring me to get off my bum and make 2017 an amazing year. Last year was a negative one for me, and I am trying to change my mindset for this year. I am determined to make it happen and I can see quotes like this adorning every wall of our house pretty soon!

quotes #little loves


I have hardly watched any TV or films over the last few weeks. Other than Eastenders of course (anyone else think Ronnie & Roxy’s exit was a bit of an anti climax?),

On New Year’s Eve we visited my Mum and Stepdad. We spent the evening at my Stepdad’s workplace where he was putting on Fireworks at midnight. I have always loved watching his Fireworks. He used to do it professionally so he really knows what he is doing. They were amazing as always.


Towards the end of 2016 I decided to have a go at Network Marketing. As a blogger I have often been irritated by people constantly adding me to sell me something, but after a chat with my sisters old school friend who had taken the leap herself and I realised that this is actually a really amazing business model. But only if you partner with the right company.

I have spent the past 6/7 weeks understanding the business, making sure it wasn’t a scam and trialing different ways of getting my ‘message; out there and I think I am in the position now to make a real good go of it. I decided to download the book ‘Beach Money’ and see if it inspired me further. When I was mapping out my career in hospitality I read lots of books on leadership, management and how to influence people. They really inspired me to do better and this book was no different. I listened to the entire book yesterday afternoon/evening and am so unbelievably motivated right now.

little loves


When I decided to take blogging more seriously I knew I needed a space to call an ‘office’. After a clear out of the playroom last year there was the perfect space to fit my desk that was being stored in Hayden’s bedroom. I loved my little space but before long I realised how impractical it was. Offices and Playrooms DO NOT mix!

We didn’t have anywhere else for all of my bits and bobs so we had to make do. Most days I ended up sitting on the floor at our coffee table, which was doing nothing for my productivity.

We realised we could make a bit of space in the front room and as that is pretty much an ‘adult only’ room it means that all my craft bits are actually safe from my sensory seeking monkey. It isn’t ideal. James isn’t the biggest fan of the office taking over ‘our space’ but it will have to do for now. And actually I blooming well love it! I have written more this past few days than I have in months!

There are a few more bits to add (quotes anyone?) but that can happen in time. Don’t want to overwhelm the hubby all in one go!

office space little loves


Part of being involved in Network Marketing is believing in the product or service you are providing. So of course I have purchased a whole load of products with my profits so far. One product I wasn’t the slightest bit interested in was our Contouring Lip Gloss. It promises to plump lips within minutes without any tingling or drastic needles. Not really my thing. However I tried my sisters on New Years Eve over a berry coloured lipstick and I LOVE it!

contouring lip gloss little loves

And Lastly..

So it would seem January is the month of quitting here. I am taking part in Dry January, which is going much better than I imagined. And today I give up smoking! After 16 years of smoking I am finally ready to get rid of this horrible habit. Lots of fingers crossed and a positive mental attitude! I can do this!

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

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11 thoughts on “New Routines & Ambitions – Little Loves

  • Janet

    It’s wonderful that you’re inspiring everyone to be proactive and motivated with life, work and their personal interests with your post. I think you should write about how to balance it all as well. I’ll be sharing this post with everyone to motivate them. Keep on rocking!

  • Morgana

    So lovely to have you back joining in with Littleloves Clare, I’m so pleased you’ve decided to give it another try.
    I’m super impressed with your motivation with work and with doing dry January AND giving up smoking! Very inspiring.
    Have a lovely week xx

  • Donna

    Good luck with giving up smoking lovely – you can do this! It sounds like the network marketing is going well and your desk looks great in the lounge. Looking forward to keeping up to date more this year with Little Loves! x

  • Mum Reinvented

    Love the quotes! I have loads in frames ready to go up on my office wall, not that I ever really use the office space, one of the things I aim to change this year. i thought the exact same thing about the Ronnie and Roxy exit, I was expecting them to go out with a bang but it was more of a lacklustre pop! Good luck giving up smoking. I’m hoping to do the same this year. I smoked years ago and gave up but when my nan died almost 2 years ago I started again and haven’t been able to kick it since. Fingers crossed this is the year I do. Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  • Suzanne

    Wow, Dry January AND giving up smoking? You’re so brave! Well done though, sounds like you’re super motivated to achieve your goals. I love a good quote and am always drawn to them on Instagram. I love this linky for finding new blogs 🙂 Happy New Year!

  • Jenny

    Good for you in your new year’s goals and resolutions hun. I wish you all the best in quitting too. I can imagine it’s hard but good for you for taking the first step. That’s what’s lovely about the new year, a fresh start. Happy New Year, popping over from #littleloves!

  • Not A Frumpy Mum

    Good Luck on the giving up smoking, after 16 years I’m guessing it won’t be easy but you sound determined! I love your little adult space, our downstairs is all open plan which I love but it does mean there isn’t anywhere to hide from the kiddie clutter that has taken over the house! xx