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As part of me adjusting and refreshing the type of content I share on Sons, Sand & Sauvignon. One thing I want to be producing more of are posts that help me remember and reflect on the things we get up to and where life is taking us from week to week. I enjoy looking through my Instagram feed, looking at what we have captured on camera. I wanted to share this with you, so here is June in Instagram.

June inInstagram

Instagram is fast becoming a favourite social media platform of mine. Whilst my feed will never be full of highly edited, lust worthy photography, it will still represent me and my family. For me that is what Instagram should be. Not that I don’t completely envy those gorgeous, perfectly timed images that are full of style and sophistication, it’s just not what I want my feed to look like for Sons, Sand & Sauvignon.

June in Instagram

Since the beginning of the year I have almost quadrupled my followers, and I think the secret to it was simply using it more often and choosing the right hashtags. I could reach so many more with a little bit of research into what hashtags I should be using, but as a mum to three littles, now two blogs to manage and a home to upkeep, I just do not have the time. I am happy with the way my Instagram is growing and I hope it continues to grow at the same rate as we move through the year.

My June

The month started with me making my first ever recipe for the blog! My chilli recipe is a firm favourite in the Sons, Sand & Sauvignon household! I really enjoyed putting a recipe together and have quite a few more in the pipeline!



The first weekend saw a visit from my lovely Daddio! We didn’t really get up to much as the weather was nice. We enjoyed some time in the garden and decided to take the monkey’s out to hungry horse as they have a great outside area which all three boys love.


Hayden got hold of a pair of plastic glasses from a craft kit we had lying around. He would not put them down for days. He fell asleep in them several times too!


Very often you hear that people with autism struggle to show affection. Whilst Hayden takes a little while to get used to someone, he is the most loving child I know, it just has to be on his terms…


I had a super exciting delivery in June. My blog business cards in preparation for BML’16! Typical I am now having a rebrand though eh?!?!

Ellis has become very strong willed recently. He knows what he wants and he will have the ultimate strop if he can’t do something he wants to. On this day his game of choice was to wheel Kinley around in his SmarTrike whilst wearing wellies and boxer shorts.

I finally had my hair cut in June! After over 2 years it was so desperately needed. I still cannot put waves in my hair using straighteners for toffee, and have worn it up just as much as I used to, I still love it!

We can’t mention June without BML’16 coming up! I had a blast (and a massive hangover) and I cannot wait to go back again next year! I am attending BlogOn in Manchester in September and am still undecided whether to attend Blogfest in November!

Time to go! Eeeeek #bml16

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Drinking with the gorgeous @mymummyspam #bml16

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After BML I planned to meet James in Enfield and we were going for dinner with my sister in law, her family and my father in law. I was so very happy to find Enfield now have a Paperchase. Of course I bought something…



So there is June in Instagram! Do you use Instagram? If you’d like to follow me you can here

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