My Interactive Minnie – A Review 1

If you know anything about us as a family, you will know we absolutely adore Disney! With Disney Junior being a firm favourite on the TV and our sky plus box packed full of Disney movies, there was no way were going to pass up the opportunity when asked if we would like to review My Interactive Minnie from IMC Toys.

My Interactive Minnie – A Review

My interactive minnie - A Review

When we received Minnie, I was desperate to get her out of the box, but thought I would wait until my little niece came to visit. I thought it would be nice to see how a few different age groups interacted with the toy. My Interactive Minnie is aimed at children from 3 upwards, but everyone loves Minnie, no matter how old you are right?

Bank holiday weekend my sister and her family came to visit for Ellis’ 4th birthday. So on Monday morning we decided to pull Minnie out and have some fun.

I hadn’t thought of batteries, but luckily My Interactive Minnie comes with batteries included, so we were able to play with her straight away.

My intereactive Minnie

We had a house full with 6 children aged between 9 months and 8 years old, and the four youngest were mesmerised with her.

What does Interactive Minnie do?

Well more like, what doesn’t she do? She sings, dances, tells stories and sings songs. She has over 70 different phrases and responds to 15 magic words, such as Dance, Story, Jump, Tickle, Thank you, and Sleep amongst others. I found you had to shout quite loudly sometimes for her to respond, but that may have just been because the house was pretty noisy at the time. This is where I found the age guidelines are most appropriate. The two youngest wouldn’t be able to play with her independently, and even Ellis found it hard getting her to understand and respond to some of his words. This definitely didn’t take anything away from the fun they were having though.

Minnie has an on/off switch but will go into sleep mode if she hasn’t been played with for a while. To get her playing again you just need to press one of the sensors on her hand or tummy.

My interactive Minnie

My niece Bethany, just kept smiling and giggling at her after a being a little unsure to begin with. Kinley followed her around laughing his head off. And today I found Ellis holding her hand and dancing along with her. It even caused Hayden to go and find all of his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cuddly toys to join in the fun.

my interactive minnie

Our overall thoughts

Overall, we thought Interactive Minnie was great! Most of the kids had a play with her at some point and she is still a fun toy a few days later (we know what kids are like right?) There is also an interactive Mickey available, which I am seriously considering buying for Christmas. The two toys also interact with each other, and I think the boys will love that! I definitely would say 3 and up is a good guideline but if you have a younger child who’s speech development is well on it’s way, this toy is great! I suppose in some ways it will help children understand cause and effect a little more, which is great for their development.

We may have only had Interactive Minnie out of the box a few days, but in our house nothing lasts very long. Hayden has a habit of throwing toys around, sometimes from a height. And so far Minnie seems to have stood the usual immediate toy destruction, which often leaves me wondering why I spent so much! A definite thumbs up from Sons, Sand & Sauvignon HQ!

My Interactive Friend Minnie has an rrp of £49.99, which is a little expensive, but I think well worth the money. We haven’t got the most out of the things she says and does so far and yet we all think she is great. She and/or Mickey would be fab Christmas presents and we can assure you she will provide hours of fun!


Disclaimer: We were sent the My Interactive Friend Minnie to test out, in order to write a review, but all images, thoughts and opinions are our own.


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One thought on “My Interactive Minnie – A Review

  • mummy/nannan

    If it can encourage children to play together it must be a good toy especially those with autism who would rather do their own things. Love the pictures of the 6 all having a play. Xxxxx