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Recently I seem to be taking myself on a bit of a self improvement journey. I am happy with life but I know I can do so much to make it better, happier and more fulfilled. I’m not sure whether the motivation is the brighter mornings, the fact I am now in my thirties or whether something inside has just switched on. I am trying to become more organised, more fun loving, a better mum, wife and person in general. Whilst I have my vices that are probably unlikely to go anywhere anytime soon (we all know I love a glass or two of wine!), I know I also need to improve my health and fitness. I have had a poor relationship with food for a long time now. I have never had an issue but I really don’t eat a lot. And over the years the food I do eat isn’t really healthy. I also haven’t done any active exercise for at least 12 years. Possibly even more.

I didn’t really know how to go about sorting that one out. I’m not a fan of the gym, am too nervous to attend any classes plus there’s no routine to James’ shifts meaning there is no guarantee I would be able to go every week. My willpower is almost non existent too!

As if by some crazy coincidence an email dropped in my inbox last week from HeyWorkout asking if I would like to try some of their webcam fitness classes.

improving health and fitness

HeyWorkout was founded by brothers Tin & Goran Novakovic when they saw their mother struggling to fit fitness into her busy life. They found her a personal trainer online that could train her and her friends via a webcam. Before long word of mouth spread and the classes soon became regular weekly sessions.

All you need to get involved in HeyWorkout is a webcam, but even if you don’t have one there is a catalogue of over 200 pre recorded sessions you can enjoy. If you use a webcam you are able to receive feedback, encouragement and motivation from the trainer, who is the only person that can see you working out at home. All of the instructors featured on HeyWorkout are fully qualified fitness instructors.

Improving health and fitness

Each session is 30 minutes long with a huge range of different classes to choose from. For the live sessions there is no need to book, you simply join in the classes that suit a time and a fitness level personal to you.

improving health and fitness

Improving health and fitness

For me, taking part in these classes isn’t about losing weight or getting rid of flabby bits (even if there are a couple) it is more about my general fitness, my mental health and body confidence. I want to feel good in my skin and want to know I have the stamina to keep up with 3 highly energetic little monkey’s for years to come! I will be updating you on a fortnightly basis of how I am getting on, how I’m feeling both mentally and physically and what is happening to my body in the process. And of course I will be giving my opinion on the classes provided by HeyWorkout.

I would love you to follow my journey, and why not get involved too? HeyWorkout offer a 7 day free trial to allow you the opportunity to try it out for yourself, but as a reader of Sons, Sand & Sauvignon you can claim an exclusive offer of a 14 day trial! Just click the HeyWorkout logo below!

improving health and fitness

I have received a 3 month trial of HeyWorkout’s online classes. All opinions remain both honest and my own.


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