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Do you want to improve your productivity in 2016? A daily planner can be one way of really helping to organise your day. Here I have a fab monochrome daily planner, that you can download for FREE!

Complete with syn tracker, meal planner, and water intake monitor, it really is everything you need to plan your day.


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How to use the planner to improve your productivity

Whether you prefer to plan your day the evening before or in the morning. Spend 15 minutes filling in the planner then pop it wherever it is to hand. In your handbag, attached to the fridge or on your desk. Then take great pleasure in ticking things off throughout the day!

Water Tracker

If you’re anything like me, you don’t drink nearly enough water. Some days I don’t drink any! I am way to addicted to Coca Cola. Here you can mark off each glass of water you have. Making it much easier to make sure you are drinking the recommended amount each day.

Syn Tracker

I personally don’t do slimming world, but I know many do. Use this handy little section to keep track of the syns in each meal you have. If you’re more of a weight watchers type person, then you can use it to record your points instead.

Meal Plan

If, like me you are always forgetting to get things out of the freezer. Then planning ahead will help you! Jot down your breakfast, lunch and dinner plan, and never forget again!

Today’s Main Goals

I am a huge fan of setting myself goals, but if I have an empty list I can be slightly optimistic and write too many. Then by the end of the day I feel a bit deflated because I haven’t achieved everything I wanted to. Here you can focus on just 3 main goals, making them much more achievable, which in turn works wonders for your motivation.

Today’s Appointment

A blank space to jot down any appointments or meetings you need to attend each day.

To-Do List

Who doesn’t love a to-do list? It is so satisfying crossing things off as you go! Here there is plenty of space for you to jot down all the things you need to get done each day.

Extra Notes & Quote

There’s always a need for a space for extra notes! And who doesn’t love a motivational quote?

If you would like this daily planner for FREE, just click here to download it.

Happy Planning!




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