How I got over my severe case of ‘bath avoidance’! 2

kinley first bathI have never been a massive fan of the kids’ bath times. Don’t get me wrong, those first baths are incredibly precious moments. But before long precious moments become wriggly, awkward, slippery moments. Then comes the massive bathroom destruction moments. For anyone that doesn’t know what I mean by that… imagine your beautiful clean bathroom. Add a tonne of water, splash it on every possible surface and pour all over the floor. That is a bathroom destruction moment!


I used to always wonder how the hell you’re supposed to fully bath a little one with the use of only one hand. How do you wash between those fluffy little toes or give their nappy area the clean it needs?

Ellis bath

When I was pregnant with Kinley, I decided I definitely needed a baby bath. We had one for Hayden, used it regularly for a few months before we upgraded to the tub. But with Ellis we decided not to waste the money. Once again that first bath was an amazing experience but after that I hated bathing him. Being slumped over the bath on my knees trying to manoeuvre a slippery baby was not my idea of fun. There was just too much water and too much space for wriggling. I would avoid bathing Ellis as much as I possibly could, which is all fine until he started weaning. Then became the need for a daily bath. I bought one of those mat things that has a chair included, which helped. But cleaning certain areas was still difficult.

I didn’t want the same issues with Kinley so thought the £20 for a little bath set was definitely worth the money this time around.

Well I can’t say I have loved it anymore this time around, he loves the bath just like the other two, which makes me feel guilty that I have a severe case of bath avoidance! At 5 months old, he has already grown out of his baby bath so I was dreading the fun times ahead, once again slumped on the bathroom floor. Then I saw the Johnsons Baby advert- you know the one, the really cute little baby with bubbles all around her face with the cutest little expressions all in slow motion. I wondered how the hell this was possible?! Where was the awkward mother trying to keep her (I think it’s a her) from slipping away.

Then it dawned on me. Why the hell I haven’t thought of it before I don’t know!

Why do I fill the bath so full? Why have I not used my brain to make life easier for myself?

So the following night I excitedly got his bath ready. I filled the tub about 3/4 inches deep, and laid him down in the bath.

kinley bath 1

He got the most thorough bath of his little life! And what’s more, we both enjoyed it!

2015-05-15 17.17.52

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