How do you do it? with Tin Box Traveller 22

Welcome to the next instalment of my guest post series, How do you do it?

One of the most common questions I hear across the blogging community is how do you find the time to blog? We are all busy with our day to day lives and blogging takes a lot of time. There is always something to be doing, promoting, photographing, writing or editing. So I thought why don’t I ask them? This series shares how different bloggers manage their time to get everything done. This month I am joined by the lovely Claire from Tin Box Traveller.
How do you do it? With Tin Box Traveller
Tin Box Traveller is a family travel and lifestyle blog, covering all the fun and frolics the Tin Box family get up to! If you need inspiration on things to do with a young family Claire’s blog is definitely worth a visit (or ten!). She is also a finalist in both this years MADs & BiBs blogging awards. Well done lovely, and best of luck!

How Do You Do It?

When I heard Clare was running this series, I just had to be part of it. How people blog alongside ‘real life’ fascinates me. I cant be the only blogger who find themselves regularly thinking ‘Why on earth am I doing this?’
Blogging is 24/7. And when you also have a house, a job and kids to look after, it should be impossible. But so many of us manage it – conjuring time out of thin air.
So here’s how I do it.

Finding the time to blog

Let’s get straight to it. I find it tough to balance my home and blogging lives. When I’m playing with my girls or whipping the vacuum around the house, my phone is pinging with email notifications and social media mentions. And if I’m blogging I feel guilty about not being with the kids or my other half.

The reality of my blog is that I do most of my writing when the girls are asleep. This is not my natural creative time. I’m much more of a morning person, which means posts take a lot longer to come together when I am tired.

I aim to publish three times a week. One of these is a guest post feature, so the bulk of the content is not down to me but it still takes a couple of hours to lay out, edit the accompanying images and promote it across my social media.

Working with Brands

I get a lot of approaches from SEO marketers and some from genuine PR and marketing people wishing to collaborate. It always makes my heart leap when one of these emails lands in my inbox. I used to spend a bit of time crafting a pitch style response in order to demonstrate how fabulous my blog was and why I deserved to be paid for my time. However, I have learnt to not waste my time on brands that just want a do-follow link in one of my posts.
My response now starts with ‘Thank you but before we go any further, I only include no-follow links in sponsored posts.’ Funnily enough, I never hear from a lot of these people again, but I have saved myself some time.
I’m still finding my feet with brand work and am far from giving up the day job!

Inspiration for posts

A lot of my posts are based on things we’ve done, are planning on doing or relevant dates, like the school holidays. I also take inspiration for places we can go from other family travel and parenting blogs. However, I always try to come up with a new angle if I’m visiting the same place as one of my favourite bloggers. It’s sometimes easier said than done as I believe there are very few new ideas out there.

How do you do it? With Tin Box Traveller

Social Media

My main social media are Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. I’m on Twitter everyday both with scheduled and live content. The other two I’m a but less rigid about and post as I feel I have good content to share.

I use Hootsuite to manually schedule my tweets but enjoy using Twitter more when I’m tweeting live. I usually have one tweet scheduled each hour between 7am and 8pm using hashtags like #TTOT #Familytravel #Travelwithkids and #Travetips.

I’m currently working on my Pinterest account by updating my boards and creating pins for some of my ‘evergreen’ posts. It used to be one of my favourite platforms and now I hope to use it to bring in more traffic.


I take part in about 5 Linkys each week and not always the same ones. I find I get drawn into those little squares of blogging goodness and often comment on more than the required number of posts. Taking part in any more than five linkys would leave me no time for anything else. However they are a great way of attracting traffic to my posts and find new content to share on my own social media.

Taking a break

Last year I took six weeks off blogging – one after having my second baby, three for my summer holidays and two over Christmas and New Year when we were moving house.

I knew in advance that it was going to be difficult for me to fit in writing, publishing and promoting posts at times when we had family commitments or vey little access to the internet. So rather than stress about it, I took pre-planned breaks and popped a note on my blog saying I was signing off for a little while.

How do you do it? With tin Box Traveller

Each time it worked out really well. Yes, my stats dropped and only just about recovered by the time I took the next break (so frustrating), but I felt a weight was lifted from shoulders and I came back with lots of ideas.

When I say ‘a break’ I don’t mean I totally disconnected. I kept and eye on my social media (#addicted) and I drafted blog notes on my iPhone. I just didn’t actually post anything or take part in any linkys.

So that’s a little insight into how I blog. I can’t wait to read some more posts in this series!

Thank you Claire for taking part in my How Do You Do It? series. A really great insight into how you manage your time! If you would like to take part in this monthly series sharing how you manage your time, please do send me an email!



How do you do it?


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22 thoughts on “How do you do it? with Tin Box Traveller

  • Rebecca Taylor

    Such a great idea for a series! I really do wonder constantly how people do it (and how I do the very little I do at the moment even!) I am so impressed you only had a break of a week with your second baby! Amazing! Really great article. Thank you. #KCACOLS

  • The Pramshed

    There are some really useful tips here Clare, and I often wonder (in fact every day) how do people do it all! I think it’s really important to have a balance, and I try to have one evening off blogging once a week. I took a week out this month for holiday, and scheduled all my tweets, but I agree with you that time out is needed every now and again, otherwise it can consume you. This is a brilliant guest series you have here. Claire x #KCACOLS

  • Pen

    Wow, I am impressed. You are incredibly dedicated. I am super impressed that you managed only to take a week off after the birth of your second child. That must have been really tough. Well done. Pen x #KCACOLS

  • Sarah-arthurwears

    I love to read how other people manage and ‘do it’ because frankly, most of the time I’m not totally sure that I do! It’s much harder lately as Arthur only has one nap (usually an hour) and wakes frequently at bedtime and my husband works late or away so I am often interrupted. I’d love more time but I have surprised myself at how efficient I can be in such a short space of time. Having said that if love some alone time just to be more creative and really focused. My husband often wonders and ask why do I bother. Sometimes I have days when I wonder that too! It can feel like you are a tiny fish in a huge pond sometimes, with so many other bloggers but the truth is, I love it! I like to have something to do for myself that isn’t just being a mummy or a wife and I really enjoy interacting with others and reading new posts. Looking forward to reading more posts in this series #KCACOLS

  • themotherhubblog

    I have just started and cant believe how much time it is taking up – and not even the writing! I too have limited myself to the amount of linkys, although they are great for driving traffic, i think to truly engage with all the other content and blogs you cant do too many. Great to read about your strategy! #kcacols

  • Jane Taylor

    What a fascinating idea for a guest post. I love finding out about the bloggers behind the blogs. Its also really encouraging to hear folks with similar issues about work/life blog/life balance. Lovely finding more out about you, Tin Box Traveller!

  • Ali Duke

    I find it hard to find time to get all things blogging done, so it is great to read these posts. Hopefully some of these will help me organise myself and my blogging x

  • Claire at Tin Box Traveller

    Thanks so much for featuring me Clare. Great series and I’m glad it’s been interesting for people to read a bit about how I do it. Since writing this I have moved from using Hootsuite to Buffer for scheduling tweets. I find it takes a lot of the work out of it. I’m also experimenting with Tailwind for Pinterest, which is working out really well so far #KCACOLS

  • Rachel (Lifeofmyfamilyandme)

    Interesting read. I have gone from blogging all the time and missing out on family to barely blogging at all and spending all my with my family. I am just too tired most of the time to open up my computer. I’ve still not and may never get that balance right lol! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday.

  • Emilie

    I also do most of my blogging after bedtime, but my son is 13 months and still not sleeping well so he goes to bed at 7 and we tend to go up at 9 so not much time! Fingers crossed we’ll be getting more sleep soon so I can stay up later and get my blog on 🙂

  • Random Musings

    Fab idea for a series. I often find myself wondering how I fit everything in too and it’s really interesting learning about other blogger’s routines.
    Thanks for linking up to #BloggerClubUK 🙂

  • Madeline (This Glorious Life)

    I love the idea behind this series, so great to read more about how other people manage to juggle everything! Sounds like Claire is managing it all pretty well to me, although it is hard when you have to go against your natural rhythms and work at a time that’s not quite right for you, but as parents that’s just the way it is, isn’t it! x #KCACOLS

  • Clare (Suitcases and Sandcastles)

    What a brilliant idea for a series! I am constantly tearing my hair out and wondering how on earth other people find all the time needed to blog well. I’m a family travel blogger so I feel compelled to spend a lot of time on research and writing because I don’t want to publish anything unless other people will find it well written and full of useful information. It’s refreshing to know I’m not the only one! Really enjoyed reading Claire’s answers. #BloggersClubUK