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Welcome to How Do You Do It? My exciting new series exploring how the blogging world manage to fit in maintaining their blogs and everything that comes with it alongside their busy lifestyles. Many parent bloggers manage to have successful blogs whilst having full or part time jobs, maintaining their household, caring for their children, having some form of social life and anything else life throws in their paths.

with what the redhead said

One of the most asked questions I see on blogging forums and Facebook groups is How do you manage to find the time to blog? Everyone wants to know the secret formula. But I’m sorry to say, there isn’t one! We all have different responsibilities outside of our blogs and we all manage in different ways. I thought it would be great to see how different bloggers (at all levels) do it! And judging from the response of my series announcement, you all want to find out too!

I am so excited to introduce my first blogger, Donna from What The Redhead Said. Donna is a self confessed machine, who regularly offers help and support to other bloggers whilst churning out post after post on a massive scale. Donna’s family lifestyle blog, is almost as fast paced as twitter, but with a whole load of great content, following her life with her gorgeous little family. If you aren’t familiar with Donna and her fantastic blog (where have you been?), go and have a look!

Welcome lovely lady, I am thrilled to have you!

How do you do it? With What the red head said

How do you do it?

Since going back to work 18 months ago after maternity leave I have worked three days a week around Hubby’s shifts as a Police Officer. I work every Friday and Saturday and then another day in between that changes depending on his shifts – some weeks I can’t fit a day in so have to work an extra day the following week to catch up.

That in itself is a juggling act but then when you throw in children, childcare, school, a house to manage and then a blog organising it all and keeping the plates spinning can often be a nightmare. But I realised early on the best way to keep on top of everything was to be as organised as possible and to get everything done as soon as possible.

So here’s how we manage to keep on top of everything:

Know working hours and organise childcare in advance – I make sure I have Hubby’s hours far in advance and immediately work out my working days around it – giving those to my work. I then organise what days we need childcare for and so part of me can then relax until a month or so before the end of those dates. We also make sure we factor in school inset days, bank holidays and anything else as far in advance as possible as it gives us more time to come up with a plan!

Keep on top of housework – I know that I have to clean the bathroom and kitchen at least once a week and I have to put a load of washing on every day. I find that if I miss a day of washing I have mountains to climb so we have to keep to the same routine and tend to put a load of washing on every evening, ready to be hung out in the morning.

Meal plan – Hubby works a ten days shift pattern so we do a meal plan to cover those ten days. This will involve batch cooking with extra portions to freeze, using up frozen portions from the freezer and sometimes cooking a meal and eating the whole thing but that is rare in our house as making double and freezing it takes no more effort for double the reward.

Delegate – I don’t try and do everything myself. I leave jobs for Hubby to do, I have given him the job of online shopping each week and I also get the children to help with things. Yes, they’re only 4 and 2 but they can put their plates in the sink and their rubbish in the bin. I’m hoping that gradually they’ll be able to help with more and it will just be normal for them.

Get everything done before we sit down – In the evening we do dinner, bath and bed for the kids. I make sure I get clothes out for the next day, pack any bags that we need to take with us and sort out any lunches. We then tody the house and do any other odd jobs before sitting down for the evening – there is nothing worse than having to get up to do housework late in the evening. Once we’ve sat down that’s our time. For me that means blogging – for Hubby, if he’s home, it’ll be TV and relaxing.

So there we have it. That’s pretty much how we keep everything organised but it all goes out the window when we go away for the weekend or on weeks when I have to work four days instead of three. As long as we get to the weekend and there are still clean clothes to wear, food to eat and happy kids then I feel like I’ve done a good job!

with what the redhead said

Thank you Donna, for two things really. Firstly sharing your fantastic post, and secondly for making me feel like the most unorganised person on the planet! You definitely have heaps of self discipline lady!

Would you like to share how you do it? I would really love you to be a part of this great new series!

If you do drop me an email here

Next time: We are joined by Aimee from Mum Amie

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6 thoughts on “How do you do it? With What the Redhead Said

  • Mudpie Fridays

    Inspirational. This is a great series. I must admit I neglect the housework to a certain extent ever since finding blogging but then I work 50 hours a week so something has to give :)!! But thats okay. Can relate to the washing and I am trying to get more organised with the blog so hopefully that will work. But it is an age old question how do us mums fit it all in. Maybe something changes when we have kids – who knows? All I do know is that we are all very special! Thank you so much for joining us at #BloggerClubUK hope to see you again next week xx

  • Natalie Ray

    Oh my goodness, I totally need to take a leaf out of Donna’s book and get some organisation going on in my life. I am so disorganised, I’m sure I spend most of my life going round in circles! Great post, really helpful to see how people cope.