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I shared a couple of weeks ago that I have been given a fab opportunity to make use of a 3 month trial with HeyWorkout! A webcam based fitness session that you can do in the comfort of your own home. You can choose between pre recorded or live workout sessions for a range of different requirements.

the fitness plan

For my first session I decided to give Yoga a go. I chose a ‘for beginners’ pre recorded class as I have never tried Yoga before. The session was really easy to follow. The instructor Tina explains everything really clearly and slowly. But jeez did it show up exactly how unfit I am? I didn’t hurt for too long after wards, but one 30 minute session had me tired out. All of the stretches Tina shows you are really easy to do, even having no experience. Tina also gives you options on how you can adapt each stretch if you find it difficult. I really did enjoy the yoga class and intend to put yoga firmly into my fitness plan.

The fitness plan

My Starting Stats & The Fitness Plan

As I said in my first post. This isn’t about losing weight, actually it is probably more about putting weight on. My BMI suggests I am just inside the ‘healthy weight’ category so whilst I’m not worried about my weight, I know I can put on a little bit and still be considered healthy.

You can check your BMI below!


content provided by NHS Choices



Starting Stats:

Weight: 8 Stone 2lbs

Chest: 36 Inches

Waist: 29.5 Inches

Hips: 33 Inches

Legs: 17 Inches

Arms: 10 Inches

The Health &Fitness Plan

  • To do 3-5 HeyWorkout! sessions each week.
  • Mix the sessions up between Yoga, Cardio, Toning and maybe even have a go at a HIIT (high intensity interval training)¬†session
  • Work on area’s I’m not so keen on (The mum tum and the flat bum!)
  • Drink 8¬†glasses of water a day
  • Eat 3 proper meals per day
  • Find some healthy recipes for the summer

All basic things that I should already really be doing! Hopefully forcing myself into some new habits will help me continue this journey long after my original 3 month trial.

The fitness plan

If you fancy giving HeyWorkout! a try you can claim an exclusive 14 day free trial here! I really do recommend them. Whilst I haven’t been brave enough to give one of their live sessions a go yet, the pre recorded sessions are fab for busy parents!

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